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Welcome to Eagle Research

Eagle Research designs, manufactures, and sells a line of energy balancing equipment and other devices. We also manufacture many accessories that enhance the usability of our products.

Our instruments are affordable enough for any family to put in their home for personal use or for any professional to incorporate into their practice. The instruments have been designed with ease of use as a top priority, which means that our customers get daily benefits from the instruments they have purchased. Our two month return policy guarantees that customers can have time to learn about and come to love their equipment.

We constantly seek feedback from our customers and desire to meet their needs

Eagle Research is Your Source for Affordable Bio-Energetic Balancing Tools
  • The Guardian provides a safe, non-invasive, and profoundly effective way to restore and balance the body’s bio-energetic pathways. It is being hailed as one of t

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  • Worried about a chronic degenerative disease? What are your options? Which approach historically gives you the best results? Which one does no harm to your immune system? This book answers those questions and many

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  • We also provide an array of accessories which expand the capabilities, and functionality of our products. Our Folding Batch Flate, pictured above, Mews imprinting into

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New Store Under Construction Announcement
We are currently in the process of building a new store.

Please send an email to david@eagleresearchllc.com for new orders or call at 1-864-228-2121

Thank you for your patience,
The Eagle Research Team.
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Going to buy another Guardian, What a wonderful product
I’m going to buy another Guardian so I don’t have to lend mine out again. What a wonderful product. I’m 56 years old and about 5 months ago my left arm started hurting 24/7 because I sleep on my side constantly. My index finger and middle were tingling
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Why "Alternative"

It has been said that "Energy Medicine" is the medicine of the future. And, rightly so. More and more people are recognizing the dangers

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Digital Biology

Our present research follows what has been named "the memory of water". First we empirically observed that highly dilute (i.e. in the abs

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US Military$$$

Citizens across the United States and abroad have long complained of being “attacked” with voice weapons that impose strange “voices”

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