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Eagle Research’s Remedy Maker offers a modern way to produce, copy, and utilize homeopathic remedies rapidly and effectively. It is powerful enough for the seasoned practitioner, yet simple enough for a child to operate. Eagle Research produces several attachments and accessories that will allow anyone to be able to take advantage of the Remedy Maker to the fullest extent.  Whether you’re trying to recuperate from walking through a patch of poison ivy, you need acupuncture treatments, or your dog has an upset stomach, the Remedy Maker has a way to obtain and utilize the answer!

In today’s world, the human organism is constantly being bombarded by factors that tax the body and push it out of a balanced state of health. How many adults do you know experience radiant health? Radiant health does not just mean being symptom free; it means being truly radiantly healthy where an abundance of energy, creativity, joy, and strength are the norm rather than the exception. Whether it’s poor quality air or water, food preservatives or additives, toxins, parasites, or pharmacological agents, most of us have to deal with health stresses of some sort on a daily basis.  It only takes seconds for the Remedy Maker to create a remedy from a source material, store it, and output it for use with humans and animals. It’s ease of use and versatility allow for various methods of signal application and a wide spectrum of uses.

The Remedy Maker:

  • Easily used with multiple people or animals without changing programming or operations
  • Provides homeopathic corrective input to acu-points
  • Water-resistant front label for easy cleaning
  • Provides power to Eagle Research’s Twin-Ray light tool
  • Attachments make additional input or high volume remedy production quick and easy
  • Offers momentary or continuous operation for a wide variety of applications

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Eagle Research's products are shipped to you with a 90 day warranty. If anything goes wrong with the product during that period, simply return it and Eagle will repair it free of charge. You may return the unit within 30 days for any reason, and we shall refund your money, minus a restocking fee. For all Guardians, Remedy Makers, and Spectra Cold Lasers returned to Eagle Research within 30 days of purchase, a $45.00 restocking fee will be charged. For all other items and accessories returned within 30 days of purchase, a 15% restocking fee will be charged. The Aqua Guard has a separate warranty that will be provided upon sale.


Eagle Research, LLC does not make or imply any medical claims for the products we manufacture. These products are not medical devices and cannot be relied on to supply medical benefits. These devices are not a substitute for proper medical care. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or heal any disease. These instruments do not supersede conventional medical or veterinary care.