A True Pioneer Talks About Energy Medicine

A Brief Analysis of the Distinctions and Compatibilities between Functional and Structural Medicine, and their Near-Term Future. by John W.Garvy, Jr., Lic. Ac.

Abstract: the author, a practitioner of energy medicine, reflects on fundamental differences between conventional (structural) and non-conventional (functional) approaches to understanding and treating ailments; he considers the logical impossibility of there being specific frequencies for conventionally-named diseases; he concludes with a positive view of near-term trends that may be mutually beneficial to conventional and non-conventional medical methods.


Imagine a concert pianist, age 58, who could no longer play. The muscles and ligaments of his thumbs hurt so badly that it was impossible even to shake hands. After his painful tissues were examined via BioTest™ technology, 1. 30-plus discovered viruses were destroyed using Frequency-Specific-Electro-Acupuncture™. 2. (FSEA™ is a distant relative of Rife Technology). Within three months the pianist played three concerts in ten days. Each concert contained entirely new material. Prior to the concerts, the pianist had been required to practice 10 hours a day for 45 days. How had he managed to be “healed” so quickly?

Or, imagine a woman who sought help from 18 doctors, including Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic physicians. In crippling pain for more than three years, she had been “diagnosed” with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). Because of her immense pain, during those three years she was not hugged even once by any of her four young children. Despite numerous drugs and anti-inflammatory injections, her pain, if anything, only worsened. How did she manage, within three weeks of BioTesting™ and FSEA™, to experience two days back-to-back where she felt 85% “normal”? And how did all her symptoms eventually disappear?

Or, imagine a beautiful black cat with long white whiskers—but on only one side of its face. How did it re-grow those whiskers after being given an antidote (isopathic remedy 3) to brown recluse spider venom found via BioTesting™? And, a year later, when it lost its whiskers on the other side, how did it re-grow them with a BioTest™ found antidote to scorpion venom?
These and a multitude of other stories (and studies) can be cited by almost any practitioner who, for more than a few years, has used innovative electronic detection devices. Such devices, including the BioTest™, derive from the groundbreaking efforts of Rinehardt Voll, MD, and his student, Helmut Schimmel, MD, DDS, ND. These two outstanding pioneers developed EAV 4 and Vega 5 technology.

Such devices, and many others like them, can uncover causes of physical ailments. These causes can then be removed by similarly innovative technologies, some old, some new. For example, homeopathy, isopathy, FSEA™ and herbal medicine are often used. Many other modalities may also help (fasting, juicing, colonics, traditional acupuncture, physical exercise, osteopathic and chiropractic adjustments, and so on). All such systems relate well to one another. At the same time, however, they also uniquely conflict with historical symptom-based medicine.

Cause versus Symptom, Function versus Structure

Cause-based systems focus on identifying and removing various irritating toxins. Of course, there are literally millions and millions of these toxins. Generally speaking, all such toxins can be classified into seven categories: Chemicals,6 Heavy metals,7 Allergens,8 Infections,9 Noxious fields,10 Engineered foods,11 and Drugs.12
These are the seven physical causes of physical pathology.

Notice that the capitalized first letters of each of these seven causes spell another word: CHAINED. This word, “CHAINED”, effectively describes the causal origins of most physical symptoms. For example, rather than referring to chronic stomach regurgitation as “Gastro-esophageal-reflux-disease” (or GERD), it could be more simply and more accurately said that the stomach (and/or pancreas, liver, gallbladder or small intestine) is “chained”. In other words, some chemical(s), heavy metal(s), allergen(s), infection(s) and so on contained in the stomach is/are burdening that organ and causing dysfunction.

By contrast, fitting a concocted name (e.g., fibromyalgia—translation from the Greek: “muscle fiber pain”) to a group of symptoms does not define the pathology. The name merely describes the pathology’s outward appearances. The make-believe name does not even begin to suggest how the so-called “disease” has been produced. It is not, strictly speaking, a “diagnosis” because the original Greek from which the word “diagnosis” derives can be broken down into “dia” (through) and “gnosis” (knowledge). “Diagnosis” therefore implies a penetration through appearances to the hidden level of causation. “Diagnosis” means a seeing past mere appearances toward (if not actually to) root causes.

Accordingly an investigator, having “seen through” a particular pathology’s appearances to its causal level, is led naturally to appropriate therapy. Whatever has “chained” the patient needs to be removed. The means and methods to be used are a matter of preference. They need only to be effective—and harmless to the patient. There is absolutely no interest in the mere suppression of symptoms. These will disappear automatically when causes are properly addressed.

It is shocking, even amazing, that the above matters should require discussion. But they do. The grip of conventional medical thinking on the human mind is so tight that it seems to have squeezed out every vestige of common sense. Doctors desire to have their names immortalized by attachment to make-believe linkages of symptoms. And patients are trained to believe that drugs will succeed in eradicating non-existent “diseases” through the suppression of superficial symptoms. 13

Disease Frequencies

If diseases do not exist but are merely code-word cover-ups of uncertainty as to causes, how can they be treated by FSEA™, or Rife frequencies, or anyone else’s frequencies? Isn’t it logically impossible that “lupus” (“wolf” in Latin) and “cancer” (“crab” in Greek) can be treated by generic frequencies? How can a human be a wolf or have a crab? And if “diseases” are “real”, why is it that 100 people examined by BioTest™ or some similar technology—all with the same code-word “disease”—will end up with 100 different causal patterns? Therefore, how can one frequency or frequency pattern succeed in even one of 100 cases except by chance? (In BioTest™ and FSEA™ examination, all frequencies are checked for accuracy and compatibility.)

Additionally, random frequencies and sweep-generator approaches to “disease” can cause harm. To mention just one example, Dursban (now an outlawed insecticide), has 28 breakdown products in its decay cycle. Some of these breakdown products are more toxic than the original Dursban itself.14 Thus to shatter the Dursban molecule with a frequency could be harmful. Likewise, although it cannot be shattered by a frequency because it is an element, Mercury could be a bad focus for frequency treatment. It could easily be dislodged from a relatively safe, tucked-away space in a fat cell. It could end up in a nerve cell.

Present Trends

Surely underlying factors, not external, symptomatic expressions, ought to be the focus of true health care. In any case of dysfunction, therefore, the hidden chemicals, heavy metals, allergens, infections and drug residues—the true causal agents—ought to be sought, uncovered and dealt with.15 In addition, any harmful electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields, particularly in the sleep environment, ought to be reduced to safer levels. Likewise, warnings should be given to patients to steer clear of engineered foods.

These are basic, ground-level necessities for the achievement of true health care. They stand, however, in opposition to a still-significant portion of present-day conventional medicine. As Otto Warburg, MD once said when accepting his second Nobel Prize in medicine, “Medicine does not advance by the observation of fact but by the death of those who had the wrong opinion.” While this observation still holds true today in part, nevertheless many changes, even significant and hopeful changes, have been occurring for decades.

For example, in 1970 when this author attended the first acupuncture class in the US, everything he did was considered simple, flat-out quackery. 16

By 1980, however, his status had achieved a new and lustrous glaze. Because so many Americans were paying attention to his (and other quacks’) quackery, he found that he had “graduated”. He was now a practitioner of Alternative Medicine.

By 1990, amazingly, and without doing anything different, he discovered he had been promoted yet again. Now he had entered a newer and even brighter dimension. Because so many MDs were getting involved in his (and other quacks’) quackery, he was now a practitioner of Complementary Medicine.

By 2000, as if all that had already happened were not enough, more progress occurred. A new promotion (again without a pay-raise) fell into his lap. And once more, amazingly, all this came about without any effort on his part. Because so many powerful medical institutions (university hospitals and clinic consortiums) 17 were getting involved in quackery, a new and radiant halo now surrounded his head. Today, he is a practitioner of Integrative Medicine! And he feels complete.

But no, perhaps yet another promotion may be in store. Perhaps the quackery with which he began will become, not too many years down the pike, America’s Dominant Medicine. If so, then he, Drs. Warburg, Voll, Schimmel, and tens of thousands of other such quacks, will at last be vindicated. 18

  1. The BioTest™ is a non-digital, computerized system designed in the 80’s by the author and several engineers. (See www. sonridgehealthcenter.com)
  2. FSEA™, developed by the author in the late 1980’s, is based on the work of Royal Rife and Chinese acupuncture’s techniques for “clearing the channels”. This latter technique involves the use of an 8-10 Hz generator-powered electrical signal. This signal proceeds along wires attached to inserted acupuncture needles or patches. Interestingly, this 8-10 Hz frequency range, commonly used in electro-acupuncture, is equivalent to the maximum manual needle-twirling speed of about 8-9 twirls per second. Equally interesting is the fact that this frequency range is also close to the background frequency of the earth.
  3. An “isopathic” is an antidotal remedy made from a specific substance (e.g., mold, spoiled food, an infectious agent, etc.). An isopathic can be produced manually according to the principles of homeopathy. It can also be made electronically in 10 seconds.
  4. EAV, or “Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll”, is an electrical diagnostic system developed in Germany in the 1950’s. It tests multiple points along acupuncture meridians.
  5. Vega is an advanced electrical diagnostic system developed by Helmut Schimmel, MD, DDS, ND, one of Voll’s students.
  6. It is estimated that more than a million new chemicals were released into the environment, worldwide, in the last 60 years of the 20th century. At today’s pace, about a million new chemicals, many of them severely toxic, are being released annually. This is one reason why the human cancer rate was only 1 in 200 at the start of the 20th century and 1 in 2 at its end. In America, the cancer rate is predicted to be 1 out of 1 by the year 2017.
  7. Mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals are well known to be toxic, even lethal in high concentration.
  8. Allergens are naturally occurring toxins and poisons. They are found almost everywhere but most often in foods, pollens, animal dander, insects, and reptile venom. Such toxins can be lethal depending upon the source of toxicity (e.g., cobra venom) and the victim’s sensitivity (e.g., hyper-reactivity to bee venom). Many artificial pollens now exist because of seed-hybridization and genetic modification.
  9. Infections are parasites, bacteria, yeast/fungi/molds, and viruses. They can lodge anywhere in the body, reproduce themselves, and live happily ever after—or until they kill the host.
  10. Noxious fields are electromagnetic and geomagnetic interference fields. These fields can cause disease, even cancer, and frequently can severely derail normal sleep patterns. (See the author’s book, Sleeping Well, available through SonRidge Health Center, St. Augustine Fl 32086, or phone 904-794-2121).
  11. Engineered foods are all those foods that are tampered with by man. Whether unnaturally grown, hybridized or genetically modified, they are all poisonous. All will have deleterious effects and leave toxic trails within the body. All should be avoided.
  12. The widespread idea that medical drugs are completely excreted within a few days is untrue. Residues— sometimes in toxic quantities—are always left behind. They are stored in and can negatively influence body tissue for long periods.
  13. A casual scan of TV’s evening news shows will reveal at least half-a-dozen drug-company ads for this or that “condition” or “disease”.
  14. This information was provided in the early 1990’s by the then-professor emeritus in Biochemistry at Furman University.
  15. This paper by no means excludes the influence of other important determinants in the course of illness. Some of these are historical events, thought-patterns, emotions and expressions-by-word-of-mouth. These significant factors are simply beyond our current scope.
  16. This first class, held in New York City, was taught by Jack Worsley, an acupuncturist from England.
  17. For example, the Cleveland Clinic is preparing to launch 3,000 new branches over the next 5 years. All will incorporate acupuncture.
  18. It might be interesting to note here that the word “quack” derives from the German language. Mercury in German is called “quacksilber” or, in English, quicksilver. The term “quack” was first applied to dentists who, early in the 19th century, began implanting poisonous silver-amalgam fillings in patients’ teeth. These fillings contained more than 50% mercury, as they do still today. The US dental societies of that era, run largely by Germans, threw these dentists out of their societies, forbade them to practice, and branded them “quacks”. The ousted group formed an organization called the American Dental Association, and sued for the right to put a known poison in people’s mouths. Somehow they won.

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