About Eagle Research

Company History

Eagle Research, LLC was established in 2001 by Bruce and Joy Taylor. It was created for the purpose of providing the best and most affordable homeopathic and alternative energy balancing devices to the public.

This began with a few bio-energetic balancing tools and has grown monumentally. Eagle now exists in 20 countries and makes a wide variety of products including: updated and user-friendly bio-energetic devices, Cold Lasers, a nutritional supplement, and many accessories for the main devices.

Eagle Research LLC maintains a customer satisfaction priority that has made them respected by customers and Distributors alike. We look forward to a bright future with new instruments and improvements in what we provide.


Eagle Research designs, manufactures, and sells a line of energy balancing equipment and other devices. We also manufacture many accessories that enhance the usability of our products.

Our instruments are affordable enough for any family to put in their home for personal use. The instruments have been designed with ease of use as a top priority, which means that our customers get daily benefits from the instruments they have purchased. Our two month return policy guarantees that customers can have time to learn about and come to love their equipment.

We constantly seek feedback from our customers and desire to meet their needs.


Eagle Research, LLC exists to provide leading edge, affordable, quality made alternative health products to both health professionals and individuals alike, while exhibiting excellent customer satisfaction.

There is much suppression of the truth in the medical industry and we hope you will use the information offered in the “Research” section to become more informed.


We work with great distributors throughout the world and are actively seeking qualified distributors to assist us in our marketing program.

View our current list of distributors here.