Disease and Pathogens


Finding The Root Cause: The Tennant Institute



Donald Scott on mycoplama and degenerative disease:

Degeneative Disease, Nicolson Interview:

Healing Advanced Cancer:

Charlotte Gerson speaks on natural healing and the failure of modern medicine. Charlotte’s talk begins at about the 6 minute mark.

Dr Seneff: Glyphosate

Dr Seneff lectures on how glyphosate disrupts many biological pathways. Endocrine Disruption, Leaky Gut, Celiac, Crohn’s, Parkinsons, Cancers…Dr Seneff begins speaking at the 18:30 minute mark.

Monopoly Medicine:


E Edward Griffin interviews Mike Adams: A history of Big Pharma’s monopoly over the “healthcare” system.

Documents and Links

Document from “Cancer Tutor” website:


First, you must keep the patient alive—super nutrition—then you can address the cancer.

Brown University: Skin detects UVA light and produces melanin to prevent DNA damage. Light receptors are not just in the eyes:


Site which offers specific pathogen frequencies:


A paper by Charlene Boehm. Possible theory behind Rife frequencies using DNA length:


Dr Garth Nicolson’s website. Renowned biologist involved with the treatment of mycoplasma illness found in Gulf War vets:

Article by Donald Scott. Weaponized Mycoplasma and its role in many neurological disorders:


Orthomolecular Medicine: information on “alternative” medicine. Nutritional information, Practitioners lists:


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