Enzyme Power

Enzymes, The “Spark of Life” What is the difference between something dead and something alive?

Do you think enzymes are just to aid in digestion? Think again !!

  • Enzymes are so connected to “life” that some have stated that when enzymes “run out” so too does life.
  • Enzymes are involved in every bodily function: digestion, tissue building and repair, hormone production and regulation, nerve impulses and brain function to name but a few.
  • The body produces thousands of different kinds of enzymes.
  • A faulty belief from the past is that we have an unlimited supply and production of enzymes.
  • Evidence supports the fact that our enzyme supply is limited.
  • Many experts believe we are born with a definite “bank account balance” of enzymes.
  • If all we do is “spend” enzymes, we will soon bankrupt that account.
  • We have fewer and fewer enzymes as we age.
  • No enzymes, equals no life.

A Few Basic Principles

  • Every food source contains enzymes specific to that source.The purpose of the enzymes within each food is to help break it down to aid the digestive process.
  • Proteins contain protease enzymes, carbohydrates contain amylase, fats contain lipase. These are the three main enzymes relating to food and digestion.
  • These enzymes are commonly referred to as “digestive enzymes.”
  • Enzymes for all other functions of the body are generally referred to as “metabolic”enzymes.

The Crisis Of Modern Times

  • The commercial food industry has essentially taken over production, distribution and marketing of the foods we eat.
  • A major problem in the food industry is spoilage.
  • The food industry has done an enormous amount of research into this problem.
  • Enzymes are the cause of the spoilage or breaking down of foods.
  • Thus, the food industry has found that killing the enzymes creates a longer lasting product, less waste and thus more profits.
  • They believe that since the body can produce digestive enzymes, food enzymes are not necessary.
  • In modern society, we now have several generations that have been raised on food which is totally void of enzymes.
  • This has never been the case in all of recorded human history.


  • There has been a progressive increase of degenerative diseases which are appearing at younger and younger ages.
  • There is a growing number of new degenerative diseases.
  • There is an increase in toxic exposure in modern times: toxins in our food, water and air. And, we are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals every day.
  • There is also increasing exposure to GMOs (genetically modified foods)

Effects on the Body

  • Since food is now void of enzymes due to food processing, the body must convert metabolic enzymes into digestive enzymes in order to digest food for its nutritional value.
  • Our enzyme bank account is being drawn on more than ever before in history.
  • Our organs are overburdened and, with the passing of years, our bodies must “make due” as best they can with what they have.
  • Our body, like a prudent business owner, will take from one account and transfer funds or enzymes to the functions most necessary for survival.
  • Depending on the individual and the weaknesses specific to their body, they will experience various health challenges.
  • Thus, if metabolic enzymes are taken away from the heart, heart function will suffer.
  • If injuries take place, they many not be able to fully repair.
  • Add to this equation the effects of toxins and their inhibiting effect on the limited supply of enzymes.
  • Enzymes are essential for eliminating mutant cells.
  • The lack of metabolic enzymes are suspect in the development of tumors and other degenerative diseases.
  • Dozens of disease symptoms have been reduced or eliminated by the use of enzymes.

Summary and Additional Thoughts

If, in fact, we are born with a limited supply of enzymes, and our food supply is void of enzymes, we are greatly damaging and aging our bodies prematurely with every passing day. We are forcing our bodies to use up the enzyme bank account for digestive purposes rather than the metabolic functions necessary for vibrant heath. It is similar to trying to paint a house with half the required amount of paint needed. You are forced to decide what to leave unpainted and how thin to spread the paint in order to complete the job. Disease is said to begin in the gut. Lack of enzymes equals incomplete digestion. Incomplete digestion equals bowel toxemia, which many claim is the cause of all disease.

Modern society is so conditioned with “ask your doctor syndrome” and “pop a pill for health” mentality that they know virtually nothing about the bodyʼs ability to heal itself of nearly any condition if they will but give it the raw materials to do its job.

The question should not be, “Will this pill or supplement help this or that specific ailment?” but rather, “What raw materials does my body need to make everything work the way it was designed to work and how many “workers” does it have to provide optimum health and resolve any specific challenges that may come its way. This point is so important that it warrants repeating. We should not be asking what we can take to relieve the symptoms of asthma, digestive problems, Parkinsonʼs disease or cancer. We need to change our entire way of thinking about health. Our bodies already know what to do. We must learn what the body needs to function properly, not what pill will temporarily reduce the symptoms caused by an underlying deficiency.

A soon to come article will address the specifics of what you have just read in these introductory bullet points. Health should not require being a “rocket scientist.” We were designed to breath clean air, drink clean water and eat food as it was created — full of life supporting enzymes and yes, even those nasty things modern man tries so hard to eradicate– bacteria.

Food, water and air are the raw materials used to build the house we call our body, but as in any building project, you need more then materials. You need workers to put those raw materials together. Enzymes and good bacteria are the laborers which do the work of building a stable house which will be able to weather the storms of life.

A Life Changing Story

So, what is possible with the use of enzymes and probiotics in extremely critical health situations? Consider the following true story.

An 85 year old man is in the hospital with terminal cancer. His weight is down to 76 pounds, no bowel movements in 15 days, he is on morphine and his family and friends have been called in to say their last good-byes. But, his loving wife is not ready to let him go so she calls an old friend to come and attempt to convince him to try and recover.

The 85 year old man is the late, great, natural healer Dr Bernard Jensen and his friend, Dr Michael O’Brien. O’Brien challenges him to prove that natural healing can work even for someone in his condition. Dr. Jensen accepts the challenge and in just 60 days he is home, cancer free and walking around his ranch.

Listen to this story told by Michael O’Brien:

We at Eagle Research were so inspired by this story that we wanted to learn more about Dr. O’Brien and the enzyme and probiotic protocol responsible for Bernard Jensen’s miraculous recovery. What we found was another family that was so blessed by the help of Dr. O’Brien that they founded a company which now sells products developed with the help of Dr. Michael O’Brien. The company is Avena Originals.

Avena Originals is a company passionate about educating the public. Take advantage of their educational audios today. Mel and his son Kameron are very knowledgeable and are eager to answer any questions you may have. Experience the health benefits of their exceptional line of products: www.avenaoriginals.com

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