What is inside the vials?
Eagle Research personnel fill these vials with a mixture of 80% distilled water and 20% food grade alcohol. This is to assure that that they remain sterile on the inside. More vials are available at $1.30 each in any quantity. They very seldom break but they can be broken. We now have two different sizes. Type “A” is 2 inches long and 3/8th inch in diameter. Type” B” is only 1 inch in height and 7/16th in diameter so that it does not fall over easily when sitting on the Guardian.
What Does the Guardian Do?
The Guardian was not designed to treat or cure anything. It is only an energy balancing tool. It imprints the body’s signature and amplifies it thousands of times, then returns this signal to the body to assist in balancing the body’s energy field. The immune system has the ability to recognize “self” and “non-self.” One theory, is that when a signature containing a pathogen is amplified, the body more easily recognizes it and responds to it in the necessary manner.
Where is the Serial Number on the Guardian?
On earlier models, it is located inside the battery compartment. The serial number begins with 02………. On the new models, the serial number is located on the opposite end from the Input and Output ports. The Guardian will be repaired for up to one year after purchase without charge unless we find that it has been dropped, water soaked, or otherwise misused. If there is damage we will advise the owner before repairing it if the cost will exceed $50.00 Normally we can have the instrument on its way back to its owner within one day of receiving it.
Is the Guardian manufactured in the United States?
Yes. Eagle Research developed the Guardian, and until about 2006 manufactured them in-house. In 2006 we found an engineering and electronics manufacturer that could better handle our production needs. Compunetics Inc. uses “state of the art” equipment to assure quality and consistency from unit to unit. We market our products throughout the world via a network of Distributors. We feel it is one of God’s witty inventions that He allowed man to discover and we are blessed to be the only ones having this technology at this time.
Can the Eagle Twin-Ray light Pen be used with the Guardian?
No, the Twin Ray operates on a different voltage and must be used with the Remedy Maker. We are adding the Twin Ray port to our Guardians in our upcoming production run. The new Guardians should be available in November 2016.
What equipment comes with the Guardian?
Along with the instrument you receive a 120 Volt AC to 9 volt DC wall adapter, a 2″ stainless steel disk with a five foot cord, six glass vials, an Operators Manual and other miscellaneous literature. A copy of our book, “Electronic Medicine…A Cure?” is included as well.
Can the Guardian be used on animals?
Yes, very effectively. It has proven to be extremely useful with many types of animals. Animals have many of the same physical problems as we humans but they are not subjected to quite as many drugs and toxins as we are. Eagle has many Veterinarians using the Guardian for both domestic pets and farm animals. We have some wonderful testimonials from owners on how the Guardian has helped to restore balance in their animals. We suggest you watch the Guardian Video on this web-site by going to the home page and selecting Media under Quick Links. We also have a forty minute DVD of this material which is available to you for $5.00.
My instrument doesn't turn on. I put the batteries in but it still doesn't work.
For early model units, in almost all cases the answer is that the batteries are not placed in the battery box in the right position. There are plus (+) and minus (-) signs molded into the bottom of the battery box. You should use those signs on the side closest to the metal terminals. Each battery has a plus sign (+) on the edge of the battery. That battery terminal must be placed nearest to the plus sign on the bottom of the battery box. Both batteries go in the same way. Press the Green switch on the face of the instrument to see if the light comes on. If it does then place the battery box cover on the instrument. You can use either the batteries or the wall adapter without changing anything.
What is 'Super Boosting'?
“Super Boosting” is a way to increase the potency of the signal of the Guardian. It consists of switching the two vials on the Input and Output areas and pushing the red button. Then switch the vials again and again, each time pushing the red button. Normally the user begins by switching the vials 3-5 times before placing his hand back on the instrument. If you feel a need to “Super Boost” the signal, go to the “Super Boost Instruction Sheet” located in the Publication section of this web-page.
Can I use the vials more than once? And...Can other people use the same vials?
Yes to both questions. These vials are used to simply hold the frequencies as you follow through the use of the Guardian. When finished, the vial on the right is placed in your pocket close to the body. It continues to radiate your amplified signature into the body and helps to keep your energy field balanced. You can place more than two vials on the right Out-Put Plate when you start, moving one to the left and then placing the other vials on your body where desired. You can use any of these vials again as they are overwritten the next time used. Both the Remedy Maker and Guardian have a “Clear” button which will clear any existing signal from the vials.
Can I use other manufactures' remedies with the Remedy Maker?
Yes, of course.
Can I travel with the Remedy Kits and go through the airport Security Equipment?
When Eagle ships Remedy Kits we first wrap the box in aluminum foil to help protect the remedies. This seems to work well. You can also carry the Kits and ask the TSA people not to put them through the ex-ray equipment, but most of these people have no clue as to what a homeopathic remedy is. We have found it best just to wrap the box and put it in your checked baggage. We know of no cases where the Kits were destroyed by traveling under those circumstances.
Why do you use a blue bottle for remedies?
The color aids in protecting the remedy from sun light. Some use brown bottles for the same purpose.
What are the Remedy Kits Eagle shows on the web-page?
Eagle offers eleven (11) different kits. There are thirty different Remedies in each kit, and each of these remedies has from ten to fifteen different frequencies in each vial. These remedies are in most cases more than fifty years old and the masters came from Europe. Eagle personnel fill these vials, label them, and then charge each to the correct frequencies. If you should mistakenly place a vial on the right Output plate with the Remedy Maker on, the frequencies will be wiped out at once. If you feel you have destroyed one or all of your remedies in a kit you can return them to Eagle Research and have them recharged for $30.00 per kit. You may view the contents of each Kit on the Eagle web-page.
How long will the frequencies stay in the bottle?
They will stay indefinitely unless you let sun light shine on the bottle. The ultra-violet rays will remove the frequencies. You can also destroy your remedy by placing the bottle in or near an electric motor or some television and computer screens, which can produce such fields. The remedy is best kept by storing it in a kitchen cupboard or anywhere else where it will not be affected. Remedies are not destroyed in cold or hot temperatures, within reason.
Why do the lights work the way they do?
On early models, the lights were designed to work the way they do to demonstrate to the customer that things are happening. This means that as soon as you press the On/Off Button and the green light comes on the instrument is working. Therefore you could really just set the eye dropper of water on the right out plate and the instrument would make the remedy but you wouldn’t have any idea how long to keep the bottle on, etc. The remedy is made almost instantly but the lights simply help the user see the flow of action and give an indication of when the process is completed.
Early Models: When I first tried to use the Remedy Maker it would not turn on when I pushed down on the Momentary (Mom) side of the rocker switch. What do I do?
About three or four times a year we get this question. The problem is almost always that the customer is not fully depressing the Momentary Switch. Push just a little harder and things will work out just fine. The momentary switch is spring loaded which makes it a little harder to depress.
Early Models: When do I use the Boost Switch?
Any time you are making a remedy from what we refer to as Source Material (blood, urine, foods, rose petals, etc.), you use Boost. In this position the instrument works about four time harder to gather the data from these materials. If you mistakenly use Boost when making a remedy it may still work, but probably not as well as selecting the Copy position on this switch.
What does the yellow 'Low Battery' light mean?
If the Low Battery light comes on you should either switch to using the wall adapter or change to a fresh nine volt battery. This yellow light is set to come on when the battery power drops to 5 volts. You should not attempt to make remedies with the yellow light on, it will not make proper remedies when the light is on. When replacing the battery be cautious. When you remove the battery clip from the battery you could pull the cord loose from inside the instrument if the cord is pulled too hard, this would make the Remedy Maker cease functioning.
What equipment comes with the Remedy Maker?
The Remedy Maker comes with a wall adapter that converts the wall power from 120 Volts AC to 9 Volts DC, one Twin-Ray LED & Infrared Light Pen, an Operator’s Manual, and other Miscellaneous Literature. Plus a copy of our book, ”Electronic Medicine: A Cure?” You can use either the wall adapter or run the instrument off the battery without making any changes.
If I have a sore tooth do I have to put the instrument inside the mouth?
We know of people who have had very good results by simply shining the light on the outside of the jaw in the area of the tooth. This is something you will have to experiment with for yourself. Normally people report relief within a day or two. As every situation differs with each person it is most useful for the user to try several different things and find the one that works the best for them. You may wish to place the Twin Ray in a “Baggy” when placing it inside the mouth. This keeps the instrument free from moisture and germs.
If the jack on the end of the cord should come loose or break off what do I do?
Send it back to Eagle Research or have someone who can solder the jack back on fix it for you. This would only take a couple of minutes.
I have an older instrument with a gold color band at the end. Is this the same type of instrument?
Yes. The current Twin-Ray is made a little better but we would still be able to service the older one if necessary.
What is the light we see coming from the Twin-Ray?
The Twin-Ray has two bulbs. First is the bulb you see at the end of this pen, which is the red light shining at about 639 nanometers. Behind this bulb is an Infrared lamp which produces a white light which you cannot see as it is putting out a light at 940 nanometers which is above the human eye range. These lamps are connected in series so if you see the red light you know that they both are operating properly. If either should burn out the instrument would not light at all. These are very long life bulbs and we have never had to replace a bulb in years.
How far from the body should the Twin-Ray be held?
Since the light intensity fades over distance, you should hold the Twin-Ray as close as possible. There is very little heat generated from the LEDs. “Paint” the light slowly back and forth for fifteen to twenty minutes per session. In many cases we have seen good results using it this manner two to three times a day. Some engineers feel the Twin-ray penetrates the body about 2 ½ inches. The light is not considered dangerous to the eyes but it should not be placed in an area where children may pick it up and play with it either. We have never heard of any negative problems using the Twin-Ray.
How do you use the Batch Plate I see on your web-page?
The 7 X 7 inch folding Batch Plate is a very useful accessory and can be used in several ways with both the Remedy Maker and the Guardian Imprinter. It was designed with a hinge in the middle so it would fold up and fit in a travel bag.

With the Remedy Maker you can plug it into the Input Plate side to give you additional room, for instance, when you want to make a remedy from a gallon jug. It can be plugged in to the Output Plate if you need more room to make say twenty remedies or more at one time. Some people put their feet on the batch plate, while others will put it under the sheets on their bed and lie on it overnight, bringing in the remedy signals to a sore back, etc. There are many uses for the Batch Plate and some people use two of them at a time for both the Input and Output sides of the Remedy Maker. With the Guardian you can use the Batch Plate the in a similar manner.

Several Practitioners have noticed that for large volumes of remedies, gallon jug, it is necessary to use the “Continuous” button for about 3-4 minutes.

I noticed you have two different size Disks. What is the reason?
These stainless steel disks are available in 2” and 3” sizes. They both come with a five foot cord which the disk can be attached to. Some, like the 3” disk for use on larger areas or large animals. It is best to try to keep your fingers off the metal parts of the disk when using them by holding onto the plastic insulator on the banana fitting which goes into the disk fitting. The disk fitting pushes in quite hard at first, but if you have trouble place the disk against the wall and the wood floor and push the fitting into the fitting. It was all designed to fit snug and yet after you use it awhile it will become easier to put on or off. If it gets too loose just pry the banana plug open a little with a thin knife blade or small screw driver blade.

The 3” disk is more popular for large animals. Eagle supplies a 2″ disk with each Guardian. The disks may be used for both receiving information from the body or to Output the amplified signal to the body.

On the early model Remedy Makers there is a 'Boost' button. On the newer model there is a 'Make' button. What is the difference?
The two buttons are the same. We simply decided to change the terminology. Since this button is used when “making” or “creating” a remedy from source material (blood, urine, chemicals, toxins, mold, etc.) we thought it would be more self-explanatory to the users. When you wish to make a remedy, you use the “Make” button. When you are copying an existing homeopathic remedy, you use the “Copy” button.