Food and Nutrition: GMOs, Glyphosate/RoundUp


Zack Bush, MD: GMO, Glyphosate & Gut Health

Zack Bush,MD: What Now After Glyphosate?

Scientists Under Attack: Film Preview

The worldwide, organized attack on research scientists who find dangers with GMOs.

You may find it difficult to locate the full version online. Also, be sure to Google, “Scientists Under Attack” (plural). There are videos questioning those who question “science” which go by the title “Science Under Attack”.

The World According to Monsanto:

Monsanto’s Dubious History.

Health Dangers of Glyphosate/RoundUp:

Jeffrey Smith and Stephanie Seneff discuss the relationship of glyphosate to most of the diseases and conditions associated with the western diet.

Monopoly Medicine:

Big Pharma against Nutrition.

Santo, The Movie:

An appeal from a Hollywood director who lost his mother to glyphosate and cancer. He fights back and is producing a futuristic thriller. Watch the movie trailer.

Santo Trailer:

A futuristic thriller or current reality and future in the making? Hopefully it will make it to the big screen in spite of the efforts of MonSanto.

Dr. Jameth Sheridan Gerson Interview:

Charlotte shares the Gerson health philosophy started by her father.

Dr. Seneff: Glyphosate And Health

Dr Seneff lectures on how glyphosate disrupts many biological pathways. Endocrine Disruption, Leaky Gut, Celiac, Crohn’s, Parkinsons, Cancers…Dr Seneff begins speaking at the 18:30 minute mark.

Dr. Huber talks about Roundup/Glyphosate:

Glyphosate as the most abused chemical in history.

GMO: Comedy

Cartoon spoof on GMO pointing out all the “wonderful” things about GMOs. It closes with a short presentation by an MIT scientist.

Dire Consequences of GMOs:

Jeffery Smith talks to Ty Bollinger about the consequences of GMOs.

NEW Findings on GMOs:

Natural News reports new findings about GMO effects on DNA and the effect on organs.

Producing Food As It It Matters:

Dr Arden Andersen, DO discusses GMOs compared to real food.

Mercola Interviews Dr Arden Andersen, DO:

Beyond Organic Food. Modern Medicine is the same a “modern food” GMOs. Both are unhealthy.

Statin Drug Epidemic:

Pig Farmer’s GMO experience:

Dr. Peter Glidden on Statins.

The Future of Food:

A Lily Film by Deborah Koons Garcia. The dangers of GMOs.

Genetically Modified Food, Panacea or Poison?: Trailer

Genetically Modified Food, Panacea or Poison?: Full Video

Genetic Engineering: the Worlds Greatest Scam?

“Dooms Day Seed Vault” near Arctic Circle:

CNN News video.

Raw Milk:

Censorship Video:

This video tells the story of two reporters fired by Fox News for revealing health dangers in milk caused by Monsanto’s genetically engineered Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)product.

Documents and Links

Organic Consumer Site:

Organic Food -Thing of the Past?:

GM Modified Mosquitoes to be released in Florida:

Genetic Engineering Dream or Nightmare:

Dr. Mercola:

A great website filled with information on many health related topics.

The Value of Vitamin D:

Fluoride in Water:

Where does fluoride come from?:

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