Frequency Specific Technology


The Beam Ray and blood work

Beam Ray: Neurological Disorder testimonial

Do frequencies or vibrational signals have an effect? Here is a viable one! How about on pathogens?

Lynn Kenny, founder of Beam Ray,LLC talks about the Beam Ray unit

TED Talks Presents: Bill Doyle’s Tumor Treating Fields(TTF)

Others, some 80 years ago had better results. Why is this so “new”? We hope you can keep up your research Bill ! Bill Doyle presents his TTF research on brain tumors.

TED Talks Presents: Shattering Cancer With Resonant Frequencies

Anthony Holland gives a “melodramatic” presentation of his research. He’s about 90 years late. Hopefully, he failed to mention previous research to avoid the wrath of the AMA. Maybe the cat will get out of the bag soon.

Suppressed Medical Technology:

History of “Rife” technology and how it has been advanced by the Beam Ray company.

Documents and Links

The Kanzius Machine:

Inject nano particles of metal into tumors and then heat them up with frequencies.

FDA approves frequency device for treating brain cancer:

Also see the video on this device in the video section.

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