H2 Molecular Hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen?


Tyler W. LeBaron is the founder of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation and he is a great person to introduce us to this topic.

pH Prescription, LLC is a cutting-edge water technology company that we were introduced to by Dr Jerry Tennant, MD.  H2True™ is a quality H2 product we market through them.

Tyler Lebaron is a leader in the promotion of hydrogen research and standards in the emerging hydrogen industry. This is a fascinating lecture on the properties and benefits of molecular hydrogen.

Tywon Hubbard has many simple and “bite-size” videos  explaining molecular hydrogen.

A “must watch” video! Dr Mercola interviews Tyler Lebaron about molecular hydrogen



Documents and Links

Main Stream has great things to say about H2:  Such a simple and abundant molecule and yet, it has been overlooked for so long. If you read this article carefully, you will be struck by the positive tune.


The Molecular Hydrogen Institue:


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