Homeopathy: Like Cures Like


What is Homeopathy, Dana Ullman:

Why Homeopathy Works & Makes Sense, Dana Ullman, MPH:

Homeopathy: Just Good Medicine:

Benveniste, Heretic:

Dr Benveniste gives details of his research at Cambridge University in the UK. Fascinating information for the individuals seeking details. “Click” on the Text below Dr Benveniste’s photo to watch this video. Article condensing this lecture.

Benveniste Lecture at Cavendish Labs

Benveniste’s Lab:

Memory of Water, “What we know is drop” Part 1:

Water Has Memory:

Medicine or Magic-Homeopathy:


You have a choice. Be like some and say, ” I can’t understand, therefore it can not be true.” Or,” I am convinced from results that it works so I will take advantage of homeopathy and wait for science to learn how it works.”

Making a Remedy:

Modern method of making an energetic remedy using the Remedy Maker.

Homeopathy: Medicine or Magic?

A look at why homeopathy has survived in light of mainstream medicine’s attacks.

Dr Mumby, MD on Homeopathy:

Using the Remedy Maker for electronic homeopathy.

Lisa Thomassen and Dr Marc Schwartz explain the use and uses of the Remedy Maker.

Documents and Links

NCH–National Center for Homeopathy:


Why MD Uses Homeopathy:


Extraordinary Medicine, The truth about homeopathy:


Dr. Reuben DeHaan’s TBA (Total Body Analysis) training and a lot of great information!:


Dana Ullman, MPH Website:


Nobel Prize Winner On Homeopathy:


High Dilution Studies, many source links:


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