Other Protocols: Stem Cells, Sodium Bicarb….


Truth About Stem Cells


Non-Fetal Stem Cell Therapy


Rife, Suppressed Medical Technology:

This DVD was produced by BeamRay, LLC. Eagle Research is a Dealer of the BeamRay. We believe it is the best and most effective unit in Rife technology today.

Mark Sircus, Magnesium Oil Therapy:

Mark Sircus, Sodium Bicarbonate:

Dr. Jameth Sheridan Interviews Charlotte Gerson:

Charlotte Gerson talks about general health and the Gerson Therapy.

Ty Bollinger: Truth About Cancer Part-1

Ty Bollinger shares his personal experience with cancer and interviews various researchers and doctors.

Transfer Point Beta Glucan:

How Beta Glucan works in the body and in relation to cancer.

How to Make Liposomal Vitamin C:

Step by step instructions on how to make this powerful VitaminC product.

Documents and Links

Jim Humble and MMS:


After reading Jim Humble’s book you are left with the conclusion that MMS is either a complete scam or something to be investigated more. He makes so many amazing claims and gives so much easily, verifiable information. Add to this that the fact that he gives you detailed information on how to make this solution yourself. There is no money making catch to his message. Personal use will verify its effectiveness! Like many, you may want to overlook the “church and ministry” aspect and simply apply the science of MMS for its many health benefits.

Hydrogen Peroxide:


The One Minute Cure, by Madison Cavanaugh, Hydrogen Peroxide therapy: This book gives the history of hydrogen peroxide and its many uses for treating different health issues.

Cancer Tutor:


This is the best and most extensive site we have found for “alternative cancer treatments”

Mark Sircus, Sodium Bicarbonate:


Mark Sircus, Magnesium Oil:


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