PEMF: Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy

Every cell in our body has a rechargeable battery system. PEMF helps to recharge these cellular batteries. Properly charged cells equals more oxygen in and more waste out of cells.


Why PEMF?:

Healing Is Voltage: (MUST LISTEN!)

Dr Tennant discusses his theory of “Healing Is Voltage”.

Healing Quest:

Dr Tennant explains the factors related to energetic medicine.

PEMF Use in neurological issues:

Dr Barlow talks about the use of PEMF therapy in functional neurology.

PEMF: The 5th Element

Bryant Meyers gives an excellent presentation about the importance of pulsed electro-magnetic fields to our health. WE HAVE SEEN MANY QUICK AND LASTING RESULTS WITH THE HIGHER INTENSITY UNITS. THEREFORE, WE DO NOT AGREE WITH BRYANT’S “LOW INTENSITY ONLY” RECOMMENDATIONS. We also own and use the unit Bryant promotes but we have not seen the same positive results with it. Perhaps over time we would see the same results, but since we have never seen any negative effects of the higher intensity, why not achieve faster results!

Paul Webb Founder of Pulsed Power Technology:

How PEMF changed Paul’s life and why it could change yours. Healing requires cell voltage, and PEMF supplies the the electrons to do just that. Unlike drugs PEMF is non-toxic, safe and most importantly–effective!

Dr Milner Speaks On PEMF:

Dr. Martin Milner, ND Professor of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Medicine in Portland, Oregon talks about how PEMF works. PEMF is an advanced technology for safely treating pain and other issues.

Dr. Jerry Tennant – “An Understanding of How the Body Works”

Healing is Voltage: Find areas of low voltage, find out why, detoxify, provide raw materials, recharge. A paradigm shifting diagnostic/treatment system.

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