Earthing Starter Kit




This Earthing Starter Kit contains the following items:
  • Earthing “Half Sheet” Fits any bed size. Install width wise to contact the middle portion of two people or length wise for the full body coverage of one person.
  • Universal Earthing Pad: 27 inch
  • Earthing rod and cable
  • Outlet ground tester
  • Sheet and pad ground tester and cable
  • Sheet grounding cable
  • Pad grounding cable
  • Earthing book
  • Instructions

Why Earthing?

Could something as simple as being connected to the earth make a difference in your health? The space program proved the answer to be a resounding YES!

The earth is surrounded by a magnetic field and has it’s own unique “heart beat” or pulse rate know as the “Schumann Resonance”  (7hz-10hz).  Interestingly, this is the same range as the human brain when in optimum healing and creativity mode. The earth also has a slight negative charge. This is extremely important.

Due to synthetic clothing and foot ware, man has become more and more disconnected from the earth and its balancing  effects. Additionally,  we are living in a sea of man-made EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation) which adds to the subtle yet detrimental effects on the human body. One of these detrimental effects is that our bodies can absorb and hold an electrical charge.

We are surrounded by technologies that emit EMR: cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, electric motors, tranformers, computers, cell towers….Our bodies can and do become “charged” by some of these invisible forces. By using an earthing product, you open the flood gate to the earth’s infinite supply of electrons which act to dissipate and balance out this harmful EMR effect on the body. The effect of earthing on the blood is easily seen under a microscope!

We invite you to view the two video links above.

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Weight 1 lbs