Rounded Tip Probes



These stainless steel, rounded tip probes come in two lengths: 2.5″ inches and 1.5″ inches. They are sold separately and come with a 5 foot cord. The Round Tip probes are far more useful than one might imagine. The Probe attaches to the Probe Cord via a banana plug connector and may be removed to be sterilized. It is proven to be an excellent way to direct frequencies into particular points on or into the body in both humans and our animal friends.  This will prove to be an excellent accessory to have for your Guardian or Remedy Maker.  Are you or a loved one suffering from crippling headaches or severe sinus infections?  The rounded tip probe makes it easy to output the remedy signals straight into the ear canal or up the nasal cavity!  (NEVER push the rounded tip probe all the way into your body.) The Rounded Tip Probe comes one to a pack, and includes a 5 ft. patch cord.

Additional information

Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × .75 in

1.5" inch probe, 2.5" inch probe


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