Hydreva: Whole House Unit




“Hydreva is the way nature intended”

Hydreva is revolutionary technology that raises water’s vibrational frequency and restructures its molecular clusters, creating “Living Water” with superior hydration, absorption, descaling and pH balancing effects.

Hydreva is a patented micro vortex technology that is not a filter, but a system that transforms tap water’s chemical memory from negative to positive structured water clusters, balancing energy at a cellular level for improved natural life force potential, hydration and overall health benefits.

Ralph Suddath is a top water researcher and was instrumental in bringing Dr Emoto to the USA in 2001. Ralph used Dr Emoto’s frozen water droplet imaging technology to confirm the frequency imprinting ability of his Hydreva units. As with many new technologies, Ralph soon found out that large chemical companies appear to keep new technologies from threatening their monopoly over water “purification.” Sounds familiar doesn’t it! He has since conducted much of his research in South America where he has more freedom to continue his research.

There are also great advantages being found  in the Agriculture industry for the Hydreva technology. As Ralph would say, “Raise the frequency of the water and the bad pathogens stay away and stagnation ends.” Doesn’t that sound much more logical than adding toxins to the water to “purify” it?

We had the privilege of meeting with Ralph Suddath and other health innovators in June of 2016. Please check out the information on his Hydreva site.

Click on the “Product Video” above to watch Ralph Suddath presenting his technology at the Extraordinary Technologies Conference in 2014. We have more videos on Hydreva in our RESEARCH section under “Water”

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 3 × 3 in

Product Videos

Extraordinary Technologies Conference 2014 : Ralph Suddath explains his revolutionary process for imprinting water with frequencies.