Generator Package



The Generator package is an extremely useful tool which provides two hand cylinders.  An intensity switch is located on one of the cylinders for ease of use.  There are other mini-jacks for a foot plate assembly and EKG Patches.  Any program that you can run on the Spectra laser can be used with the Generator attachment.  When you attach the Generator cylinders into the Spectra Laser you now have a Generator which can provide frequency from 1 hz to 2-million hz with accuracy within one-tenth of a hertz.  The desired frequencies are programmed into the Spectra or into a Key which is then inserted into the Spectra.

The Generator package includes:

  1. Master Cylinder
  2. Master Cylinder/Spectra Cable
  3. Slave Cylinder
  4. 4mm Banana Plug Cable (24″)
  5. Stimulator Lead Wire (42″)
  6. 2” Round Stimulator Pads (4 Ct.)
  7. 1.8” Square Stimulator Pads (4 Ct.)
  8. Red/Black Extension Leads (24″)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 8 in


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