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Our research has led us to believe that the Beam Ray™ is the most advanced frequency generator technology on the market today. When looking to upgrade our Wave Master frequency generator in 2010, we evaluated the Beam Ray and concluded that it stood above the competition. In 2011, Eagle Research became an official dealer for Beam Ray, LLC. When we met with Lynn Kenny, the founder of  Beam Ray, LLC , we were very impressed with the research and development he and his engineers had done.

We do not know of another company that has spent the time and money to do any IRB studies with their frequency equipment. IRB (Institutional Review Board) studies are highly regulated and can be used when seeking to obtain FDA approval. In doing these studies, they worked with hospitals and medical doctors and developed specific protocols  acquiring invaluable clinical experience. Though we can not make any medical claims, 20 years of repeated results speaks for itself!

We would like to emphasize that the Beam Ray, as well as all of the other energetic tools on this website, are just that. They are “tools.”  The body needs more than tools to repair properly. It needs “raw materials” (good nutrition), voltage (specifically-electrons) and the elimination of toxins and waste.  Real health requires a holistic approach and energetic tools are only one part of the puzzle.

Unfortunately, many people with serious health issues become aware of “alternative” technologies only after they have exhausted all other traditional options. For this reason we wanted to have a specific frequency product that we believed to be the BEST. The Beam Ray™ is our choice.

  • Over 20 years in business
  • Comes with over 300 Protocols
  • Sweep and Pulse options
  • Editing functions: 1000+ downloadable programs
  • Create your own programs
  • Proprietary plasma tubes
  • Frequencies penetrate through the body to reach every cell
  • Several may use the unit at the same time

Non-Portable Beam Ray Package: $5,000.00

  • Sound and Light Generator: without built-in monitor. A monitor may be purchased for about $100 from any local supplier. You save yourself $900 over the Portable Unit.
  • Dual Plasma Tube Housing with Fans
  • Two Blue Plasma Tubes and one Red Tube
  • Light Stand
  • Computer Keyboard
  • Cables and Instructions
  • Domestic shipping included in price

Portable Beam Ray Package: $6,000.00

  • Sound and Light Generator: with built-in monitor
  • Dual Plasma Tube Housing with fans
  • Two Blue Plasma Tubes and one Red Tube
  • Light Stand
  • Computer Keyboard
  • Cables and Instructions
  • Domestic shipping included in price

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Check out the book Resonance, which tells the story of Dr. Rife and how Beam Ray, LLC has advanced this technology.




Lyme: Beam Ray


Blood After Beam Ray

Royal Raymond Rife Suppressed Medical Technology:

Science and History of Rife and the Beam Ray company today

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in


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