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The new Eagle MicroGen is an extremely versatile and compact micro-current frequency generator. All of our Eagle Accessories designed for use with our Wave Master generator will also work with the new MicroGen.

The Eagle MicroGen is a very effective tool for use in frequency specific micro-current work. This generator comes with over 400 programs as well as software for easy downloading, editing and writing of programs. With our new MicroGen you are actually getting TWO energy instruments in one! The Eagle MicroGen has two “ZAPPER” programs included. The Zapper program utilizes the 100% positive offset square wave popularized by the late Dr Hulda Clark.

You will be hard pressed to find a more versatile and efficient frequency generator. Whether in a clinical, home or travel setting, the Eagle MicroGen is a great tool.

There are several ways of introducing frequencies into the body and the MicroGen utilizes them all: Footplate, Hand Cylinders, Electrode Patches and the Twin Ray Light Tool. You will also want to purchase the handy MicroGen Stand for ease of use and screen visibility. See our videos for more details.

For those who are looking for a frequency generator that will allow them to “build their own” plasma unit, the Eagle MicroGen is your choice! The MicroGen has a port which outputs a fixed 5vdc signal that works well for such purposes.

The MicroGen Package Includes:

  • MicroGen F100 Series, 3 channel generator: w/over 400 programs
  • Transfer Box
  • BNC Adaptor w/cables
  • 3 Electrode Patch Cords
  • 12 Electrode Patches
  • Wall Adaptor
  • USB cable: For connecting generator to computer
  • Signal Test Light
  • Manufacturer’s Manual
  • MicroGen Quick-Start Manual
  • Black Carrying Case

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 6 in

Product Videos

Basic MicroGen Use

How the MicroGen Works

Eagle MicroGen: How To Download Files

Recommendations When Using MicroGen

Accessories: Twin Ray and Patches

Test Light For MicroGen

Building The MicroGen

Hand Cylinders and Foot Plate Instructions

LED Light For MicroGen


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