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The Eagle Research Guardian 4 provides a safe, non-invasive, and profoundly effective way to restore and balance the body’s bio-energetic pathways. It is being hailed as one of the most exciting and promising discoveries in the fields of bio-energetics and vibrational medicine. With this new device and procedure, it is possible to imprint and greatly amplify the body’s vibrational signature and apply it to the body in such a way as to stimulate restorative and healing processes.It is as if the Guardian provides the body with a clear signal or road map to the underlying causes of imbalance, such as harmful degenerative processes, micro-organisms, parasites, toxins, deficiencies, etc.

Once the body has a clear signal, it can activate numerous healing processes. The Guardian does not actually heal; it lets the body do the work.

The Guardian is able to create a powerful homeopathic remedy from the user’s body itself. The remedy contains a greatly amplified imprint of the individual’s total bio-energetic signature (including any harmful vibrations present in a person’s body), and can be stored in a small, glass vial. When this vial is worn on the body, it is able to continuously send an amplified signal to the body, repeatedly giving clear direction as to how to restore balance. With the Guardian, nothing needs to be ingested.

2017 Upgrades:

  • Completely redesigned circuitry board maximizing the shielding between the INPUT and OUTPUT signal
  • New design utilizes a mini-USB cable for recharging the internal lithium-ion battery
  • New HIGH amplification button adds versatility for experimentation by doubling the output signal
  • New Power port allows our Twin Ray light/Multi Ray LED light probes to be used with the Guardian 4
  • Power port also allows other energy tools to be used with the Guardian.  Custom cable required. Ask for details.

New Guardian P4: 2022 Upgrades

  • More power has been added to the 2022 Guardian to drive future accessories we develop.
  • The new 3.5 stereo plugs allow more functions than the previously used 3.5 mono plug.
  • 200mW Laser Probes may be run from the Guardian.
  • Two therapeutic programs added: specific healing frequencies are output through the LED and Laser Probes.

The Guardian Package Includes:

  • Guardian P4 Imprinter
  • 2 inch Disc with 5 ft cord
  • 6 Type B vials
  • Wall Adapter w/Mini-USB recharge cable
  • Manual

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in
Probe Option

Guardian Package without Twin Ray, Guardian Package with Twin Ray, Guardian Package with Multi Ray

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