Laser Detox: Basic Package I




We were recently introduced to L.E.D. (Laser Energetic Detox) by Dr Lee Cowden, MD.

Dr Cowden is a part of ACIM (Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine) which offers practitioners and lay people various courses through their academy. We encourage everyone to view Dr. Cowden’s videos where he explains some of the basic principles of his “L.E.D.” system.

For a complete understanding of this protocol, ACIM courses may be taken online.

“How To” Detailed L.E.D. Slides:

The basic theory of laser detoxification is this:

As the laser light passes through a homeopathic remedy, it picks up and carries the homeopathic signal on the laser light. The coherent laser light turns into a coherent horizontal line as it passes through the remedy. This line is then scanned over the body. The remedy signal and the photon energy is taken into the body where the cells receive the signal where the release of toxins is initiated.

Dr Cowden and other practitioners have found that L.E.D., in most cases, is not only a faster but a gentler protocol for detoxification.

We encourage everyone to view Dr Cowden’s videos where he explains some of the basic principles of his “L.E.D.” system. The details of this detoxification protocol are taught in one of the ACIM courses.

The Laser Detox: Basic Package I is a great way to save a few dollars and begin to experience the power of  combining energetic remedies and photon energy. Our Basic Package I comes with a remedy box to store 30 remedies.

**Our Eagle Remedy Maker (NOT INCLUDED) is an indispensable tool that will allow you to not only copy remedies but, to also make an unlimited  number of remedies from any source material–saliva, urine, blood, pollen, toxins…..

Basic Package I Includes: 
  • One 5mW, Green Laser with internal battery
  • One USB Recharging Cable
  • One Vinyl Vial Holder
  • Six Clear Vials: These are imprinted copies of the Master Remedies included in this kit. Ready to use.
  • Six Master Energetic Remedies: Sinusitis (ER- 13), Drainage (ER-30), Heavy Metals (ER-39), Sulfa Drugs (ER-113), Antibiotics (ER-117), Glyphosate (Roundup) Remedy 
  • One Remedy Box: This white, glossy, cardboard box safely protects 30 individual remedies.
  • Remedy Insert: This insert gives details of what is included in the remedies. Laser Detox Basic Package

Why would you want these particular Master Remedies?

  • Sinusitis: Sinus issues are very common and this remedy contains several traditional remedies to address the sinuses.
  • Drainage: This is an invaluable remedy. It should be used with almost all other remedies to aid in removing toxins from the body.
  • Heavy Metals: We are all exposed to heavy metals in our environment and many of them are not easily available to create a remedy from. This remedy contains many common heavy metals like mercury, aluminum and lead.
  • Sulfa Drugs: It has been found that many people have residue of sulfa drugs in their body. Whether from antibiotic use or from eating meats that contain sulfa drugs, this creates a problem when trying to detox. Did you know that the meat industry has found that feeding antibiotics to the animals causes them to put on fat more quickly? Quicker to market, higher the profit.  Sulfa drugs are said to block the detoxification pathways and thus, laser detox experts recommend that you first clear such drug residue from your system before you begin to clear other toxins.
  • Antibiotics: Many common antibiotics are included in this remedy.
  • Roundup/Glyphosate: Do NOT believe the lie that Roundup is safe! Our air, water and food supply is contaminated with this toxin. Almost every system in our body is negatively affected by glyphosate. Some believe that it could hardly be more harmful if intensionally design to do so.

** Recommended:  Always Copy the Master Remedies into clear glass vials to use with your laser detox. The Eagle Remedy Maker is recommended for this purpose in the ACIM L.E.D. (Laser Energetic Detox) Class

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 17 × 3 in