Laser Detox: Package II

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Save up to $10 Laser Detox: Package II is the same as Package I  but, you can choose  the six Master Remedies that will come with the package PLUS, you may choose an additional nine Master Remedies at $10 each. You would pay $10 more if you bought the items separately.

**Our Eagle Remedy Maker is an indispensable tool that will allow you to not only copy remedies but, to also make an unlimited  number of remedies from any source material–saliva, urine, blood, pollen, toxins…..

Package II Includes
  • One 5mW, Green Laser with internal battery
  • One USB Recharging Cable
  • One Vinyl Vial Holder
  • Four Clear Vials: with imprinting solution
  • Six Master Energetic Remedies: You choose any six of our Master Remedies. **Include your list of desired remedies (Name and ER- number) in the comments when you order.
  • You may choose up to 9 more remedies at $10 a piece.
  • One Remedy Box: This white, glossy, cardboard box safely protects 30 individual remedies.

** Recommended:  Copy the Master Remedies into the clear glass vial to use with your laser detox. The Eagle Remedy Maker is recommended for this purpose in the ACIM L.E.D. (Laser Energetic Detox) Class

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