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The Spectra Laser System can greatly enhance the body’s natural, regenerative functions. For instance, it stimulates endorphin release and collagen production.

Cold laser research in controlled studies has been expanding rapidly in recent years, as more and more medical specialties discover its benefits. At this time, FDA considers these types of lasers to be investigative or experimental, but mounting enthusiasm among practitioners who regularly use them successfully around the world indicates that they will soon be incorporated in conventional, medical care. For instance, acupuncturists have long used cold lasers to stimulate the body’s acu-points, replacing the conventional needles that many patients fear.

The Spectra was designed to launch even more investigative research and to offer the practitioner a potent tool with many innovative features that no other laser system offers regardless of price. Truly “state of the art,” this Twenty First Century instrument is a vastly improved blend of cutting edge electronics that can fit comfortably in a pocket.

Spectra Basic Package:

  • Spectra A 1000 Cold Laser
  • 5 Programming Keys
  • Wall Adaptor with USB recharge cable
  • PC Software for Programming
  • Manual
  • Quick-Start Manual
  • Carrying Case

Consider These Features:

  • A Micro Processor controlled hand-held laser
  • Six pre-set programs for various applications
  • Easily selected options with just a single button
  • An exclusive “Key System” for adding programs
  • Ability to add a limitless number of frequencies
  • Rechargeable battery operation provides long life
  • Protective carrying case for laser and accessories

We cannot emphasize enough, the uniqueness of the Spectra Laser when compared to other hand-held cold lasers. With this unit you have the ability to program as many as 10 additional programs directly into the unit. No shipping back to the manufacturer and the associated downtime, and no fees charged for changing programs or frequencies. Your Spectra comes with a software package which allows you to do your own programming if you choose or simply take advantage of the 6 factory set programs.

Our practitioners and home users have reported everything from diabetic sores disappearing, to enhanced detoxification when using the Spectra! We know of no other hand-held cold laser that offers you so many options of applying the light and micro current to the body.

Built-in LEDs and Lasers:

Spectra Cold LasterBy slowly moving the Spectra over the body, you are applying beneficial light therapy.

The Spectra has 4 Infrared lasers and 4 Red Lasers built into the handheld unit. It also has 16 LEDs of various wavelengths in the visible and non-visible range. These light emitters are encased behind a 1.5” diameter glass window.

The frequency of these lights can be changed in any of the 10 additional programs. The 6 factory set programs are not adjustable.

Key System:

Time saving, client specific programming.

With the purchase of the Spectra laser you have the ability to customize and fast-track your operation. The Spectra software enables you to program removable keys. These keys have a micro-chip which may be programmed for specific patients or for specific ailments. Rather than having to reprogram your Spectra for each individual, you simply pull a client’s key from their file, plug it into the Spectra and run their customized program. When the next client or ailment is treated you simply plug in the new key. Five keys are included with your purchase of the Spectra Laser.

Spectra Cold Laser - Insert Key Spectra Cold Laser - Key Inserted

Light Probes:

Spectra Cold Laser - Light ProbeLaser probes enhance the penetration of the laser light.

Each laser probe has one specific wavelength. The probe is plugged into the Spectra and outputs the specific frequencies and options which are in the program being run. These probes are recommended for ligaments, tendons, bones and other hard tissues.

Micro Current:

Hand held cylinders allow you to introduce the same programmed frequencies into the body via micro current that were applied through the lights.

Hand Cylinders Hand Cylinder and Spectra Cold Laser

The slave cylinder is connected to the Master cylinder which is plugged into the Spectra.The intensity is then adjusted with the thumb switch on the Master cylinder.

Hand Cylinder Hand Cylinders

Point Specific Micro Current:

Your Spectra laser allows you to apply micro current at specific frequencies to specific acupressure points.

Hand CylindersHand CylinderHand Cylinder

Electrode patches are connected to a cord which in turn is connected to the Master Hand Cylinder.The intensity is set by the thumb dial on top of cylinder.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 6 in


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