Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Warfare by Savely Yurkovsky, M.D.



“In appreciation of a remarkable book, Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear warfare!”
– MIT Professor of physics, George Pugh, Ph.D.

“Savely Yurkovsky, MD, has provided us with a remarkable and timely book that will greatly assist world populations in effectively dealing with the multitude of personal health challenges to be faced as a consequence of both (1) continuing terrorist activities within national boundaries and (2) the growing toxicological side-effects associated with our chemical, pharmaceutical and electromagnetic industries. Dr. Yurkovsky’s wonderful spectrum of case studies again and again bring home the power of carefully applied homeopathic knowledge for restoring balance and health to important aspects of the human body. I have learned a great deal from this book; it has significantly enhanced my perspective concerning the homeopathy/allopathy modalities of treatment and relative benefits and it has taught me a cardinal rule concerning the role of a human observer: “Pay attention to the experimental data, no matter how confounding it is to current theoretical models of Nature.” This book shows us an abundance of experiential data in support of the view that allopathic medical understanding is only the tip of the iceberg concerning the totality of medical understanding. Dr. Yurkovsky is to be congratulated on this fine contribution to help us “see the light” and for showing us relatively simple pathways to protect and treat ourselves from the various traumatic stressors that appear to be part of our near future.”
– Professor Emeritus of Materials Science, Stanford University, William A. Tiller,
Author Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness

To the Reader:

I must share with the reader somewhat of an interesting fact: the main concepts and methods that are described in this book aimed at protection against deadly agents of mass destruction have been formulated and applied long before the tragedy of September 11 and the events that followed.

I had been successfully applying them in my medical practice and also taught them to physicians. Indeed, this subject was videotaped way before September 11.

The reason I became interested in this field of medicine many years ago, has nothing to do with my mind-set — one of heightened military preparedness, or clairvoyance with the ability to envision the current threats. It was rather propelled by the severe limitations of conventional medicine (described in detail in the book) in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

Problems with Conventional Medicine

The main problems stem from its diagnostic approaches which are incapable of identifying the true causes of chronic diseases — and as a consequence, the treatment modalities that follow are just as inept at rooting them out. Both the diagnostic and therapeutic conventional approaches are based largely on the body chemistry aspect of our physiology whose concept is outdated.

As a result of these limitations, over 100 million people in the United States have been afflicted with serious degenerative diseases and cancer rates which continue to climb. This dismal reality, plus a personal family reason, forced me into searching and evolving medical concepts which lie along alternative energetic medical approaches and general science in order to close these gaps.

Observations from Practice: Through years of evolving and applying these energetic methods very successfully, it became obvious that the great majority of chronic (and acute) diseases constitute nothing else but misdiagnosed and mismanaged health problems due to toxicological and biological agents.

The former originate from environmental pollutants in our air or water supplies, silver amalgams and ionizing radiation at times, while the latter follow automatically as the result of immune suppression induced by toxicological agents.

My daily medical practice, as a consequence, and for many years, has been nothing short of “protecting yourself and your loved ones against biological, chemical and nuclear” toxins. The energetic methods which have accomplished this are presented in the book. Chernobyl and other cases

It also bares an account of numerous and documented chronic and acute cases, including the Chernobyl victims, leaky nuclear plants in the U.S., and diverse environmental and infectious problems using the same approach (see Contents for topics).

I describe in detail, the serious deficiencies in conventional medicine which will result in many of you and your loved ones becoming vulnerable to the consequences of biological, chemical, or nuclear warfare and for that matter, even to the daily exposure of some of these agents.

Most importantly, the book stresses and explains how people like yourselves can take charge of themselves and their families, under the circumstances, of unavailable effective treatments, overcrowded ER’s and/or outright chaos.

The step-by-step guide of preparing homeopathic vaccines-antidotes by yourselves, within minutes, with the use of the simplest accessories: several dropper bottles, small supply of clean water and a few labels, is presented in detail.

Why homeopathic? For several reasons:

One reason is because, in lower potencies (strength), homeopathy uses extremely small amounts of the original toxins. These, in both homeopathic and also conventional toxicological studies have proven to have a reverse, antidoting effect against the identical actual poisons. The same holds true for biological agents.

The second reason is that homeopathic remedies represent energetic medicines that act by virtue of their frequencies or signals and which, in their higher potencies, contain only the energetic printouts of actual toxins. This is based on the well-known phenomenon in physics that a composition of every substance in the universe is always of dual nature: one of chemical-physical matter and the other one of energy.

The energetic aspect is considered to be the most important of these two since it represents a blueprint field that virtually destines and defines what substance is to become. Even though, casually, in our daily lives we refer to objects around us as gold, diamonds, lead or pollutants, from the point of view of science, the more correct language would be — field of gold, field of pollutants, etc.

Once the cells of our immune, detoxifying or metabolic systems receive these toxin-specific field-signals, they become “turned-on” so vigorously against the actual toxins that the body begins eliminating or fighting them much more efficiently.

The third reason is that homeopathic remedies, in addition to being so effective, can be easily prepared by anyone, even the laypersons. This enables people to take charge of themselves, their children or other family members, without being dependent on outside help or wasting valuable time that can be crucial for their survival.

The fourth reason is that the remedies offer unparalleled versatility as they can be prepared off contaminated air, water, food, clothing, or even body fluids when the disease process has already begun taking place within the body. Under these circumstances, the source of the vaccines-antidotes could be your skin (anthrax or smallpox lesions), saliva, blood, or urine.

This advantage is hard to overestimate especially in cases of genetically engineered agents for which no vaccines even exist, or when it is already too late to administer vaccines or any conventional therapy. Same can be said about many chemical weapons (deadly ricin, as an example, which kills rapidly) where no specific treatment is available.

An Interesting Example:

The book contains a detailed guide and many cases treated with this approach. One interesting case was recently shared with me by one of the experienced alternative doctors who read my book.

He caught a nasty flu that went on for some time without responding to several treatments. He decided, skeptically, and as the last resort, to try one of the methods proposed in the book. Following the book’s direction, he prepared a homeopathic remedy out of his body fluid. A half hour later, after administering just one drop of this remedy, he was well.

No Response from the US Government There are many skeptics out there about validity of alternative medicine and especially homeopathy. “Homeopathic remedies? There’s nothing in ’em, this is all sugar-water, bunch of placebos for the naive!”

Perhaps, this was the reason why I never received a reply to my proposal of these methods written to the National Security Council under the White House on behalf of the public and our military. I wrote it, as a matter of fact, in the fall of 2000, a year before September 11.

After September 11, I had contacted other government and medical officials on behalf of the hundreds of disabled workers at Ground Zero, NY firefighters and police officers and offered help. Same reply — none — and yet the same tragic outcomes as predicted in the book as the great majority of these people have and continue turning into severe invalids while some, and at a young age, are already dead.

In addition, one has to add that the short- and long-term morbid consequences of inhaling the dust aren’t limited to the workers at Ground Zero but from my clinical experience in treating numerous residents of the greater New York area, a great many of them are compromised, too.

Well, whatever the incompetent and biased skeptics say, I’ve written the book and submitted the proofs, the method, the evidence. You need not feel helpless, even in the most dire situation. The latter, I am afraid, has yet to come. Anyone who is familiar with the mindset of the perpetrators and with the intelligence reports reflected in some reputable sources* has to face the unthinkable — the pending terror acts on American soil with nuclear weapons!

A number of large cities in the U.S. have been targeted for simultaneous nuclear holocaust while the weapons are already here after being smuggled in, through the Mexican border. Why do we not hear of this pending attack on the news and why is it not being covered sufficiently in the media? For the same reasons that the multiple threats weren’t prior to 9/11 of the pending hijacked airplanes crashing into buildings either, to prevent panic and large financial losses for the airline companies, then. This time, the overall economic ramifications would be far more devastating.

* Sources for this information:

1. The West’s Last Chance – Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations, by Tony Blankley, Editorial Page Editor, The Washington Times..
2. Council on Foreign Relations document, “Terrorism: Questions and Answers,” January 7, 2004.
3. Osama’s Revenge: The Next 9/11: What the Media and the Government Haven’t Told You, by Paul L. Williams. Paul L. Williams has served as a consultant for the FBI, as editor and publisher of the Metro in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and as an adjunct professor of humanities at the University of Scranton.
4. The Dunces of Doomsday: 10 Blunders That Gave Rise to Radical Islam, Terrorist Regimes, and the Threat of an American Hiroshima, by Paul L. Williams.
5. “Next Attack Imminent: Muslims ordered to leave the United States”, by David Dastych, Paul L. Williams,

So, if you care, read it, use it and do your very best to protect yourselves and your loved ones. Keep in mind also that the self-help method presented can be used under any circumstances of adverse environmental exposure. It works!

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