Let’s Put An End To Cancer




Cancer survivor D.J. Geisler details her personal experiences and research with cancer.  In this book she discusses alternative treatments using new technologies such as lasers, ionic foot baths, detox machines and healing electrical machines.  These methods have proven successful to her and others as opposed to conventional treatments that have inflicted immeasurable pain, suffering, and death to millions of unsuspecting patients.  Read about the many scientific and proven methods already helping many to defeat this “monster” they call CANCER . If chemotherapy, radiation and surgery were winning the battle against cancer, then books like this would not have to be written!

This book provides testimonials, resources and websites from experts in the ever expanding world of alternative medicine. Remember, in this day and age, medicine does not have to hurt and kill.

D.J. Giesler has been fighting cancer for 28 years, enduring numerous surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy as her treatments. The cancer always came back, stronger with every new attack. She used alternative medicine as a supplement to her treatments to ease some of the devastating effects. But, having only limited knowledge, she had limited results.  She now feels healthier than she ever has felt with the confidence she is attacking the cancer at the source, not the symptoms.

That is why DJ decided to write this book, because of the lack of awareness and education of the world of alternative medicine especially in regard to cancer.  It is a fascinating and compelling story of endurance, hope, faith, science, knowledge and commonsense. It is the realization that we have to take charge and responsiblilty of our bodies, not blindly handing it over to others.

The first step is education…find out what is out there to assist you in your search.  Hopefully this book and others like it will help you.

Good health to you!

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