Resonance: The Continuation of Studies of Rife Technology and Beam Ray




Author: Alex Duarte

In the 1930’s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, in conjunction with the University of Southern California and a team of medical doctors conducted a clinical study. They had 16 patients who were determined to have terminal cancer and TB. Within 3 months, 14 were declared to be cured and the remaining two were cured after several more weeks!

These were the infant days of the AMA. They launched an attack against Dr. Rife’s company and threatened all of the doctors using his equipment. Ever since that time people have been attempting to rediscover this technology and match Dr. Rife’s and match Dr. Rife’s results.

Resonance is the story of a company that we believe has done more to restore and advance Rife technology than any other.  In the pages of this book you will learn the history and struggle of those going against the established dogmas in the hope of bringing better, safer and more effective technology into the battle against pathogens.

Eagle Research is now a proud dealer for Beam Ray, LLC and its Beam Ray – Light and Sound Generator.

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