The Guardian/Remedy Maker Training Package



The Guardian/Remedy Maker Training Package contains a comprehensive curriculum of how to use the Eagle Research Guardian Homeopathic Imprinter and Remedy Maker. The training materials, created by Sandi Radomski ND, LCSW, includes a recorded training program along with an ongoing monthly supervision group and a private Facebook group to answer your questions.

The program consists of an Introductory webinar and PowerPoint, video demonstrations, and replays of the monthly group meetings. It also includes a detailed manual on Frequency Reprogramming for Health which teaches you how to use either the Guardian or Remedy Maker in a unique way to clear negative emotions, traumas, and pain.

Included in the purchase of the recorded materials are three monthly sessions of the Guardian live group and private Facebook page.

The package includes:

  1. Guardian webinar – step by step explanation and demonstration of how to use both machines. 106 minutes.
  2. Frequency Reprogramming for Health Manual – 16 pages – gives detailed instructions about how to use the machines to release negative emotions, traumas, pain etc.
  3. Demonstration of using Frequency Reprogramming for Health with the Guardian for pain.
  4. Demonstration of using the Guardian for Dengue Fever
  5. Session 1 – group class – Basic treatments
  6. Session 2 – group class – Using body fluids
  7. Session 3 – use of the Twin Ray and Multi-Ray
  8. Monthly group meetings to answer questions and share information – replays available
  9. Private Facebook to ask questions between group meetings