Beta 1, 3D Glucan – 500mg




500mg per capsule
(60 capsules per bottle)

Introducing Beta 1,3D Glucan

The smarter immune response.

Proven by Science. Backed by Research.

Glucan 300® modulates the immune system to provide support and balance. It is unlike other immune supplements that simply stimulate or change the immune response in unnatural ways. Over 50 years of research from prestigious universities around the world document the benefits of Beta 1,3D Glucan. Please visit our Research and Education section for a complete overview of how Beta 1,3D Glucan modulates the immune response.

Purity Transfer Point, Inc. is the only company that offers a Beta Glucan with a minimum of 83% Beta 1,3D Glucan content, and no harmful contaminants. Every batch is independently tested and a Certificate of Analysis is provided and available upon request.

Effectiveness Research proves that purity matters when it comes to biological activity. No other Beta Glucan can match the effectiveness that has made Transfer Point’s Glucan 300® the respected name in immune support.

Therapeutic Dose: Practitioners have recommended 25mg/kilogram of body weight to obtain a therapeutic dose. This means that a 150 pound person would need 3-4 capsules once a day.

These capsules are the way to go if your immune system is currently under attack.

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