AquaCure: Beyond Hydrogen!




Designed and manufactured by:  “The Other Eagle-Research”

The AquaCure® (Model AC50) is our MOST ADVANCED and user-friendly Alkaline WaterHydrogen Rich Water and HydrOxy for Health machine. It is developed from 30 years of electrolyzer R&D and feedback from thousands of customers.

We’ve set the gold standards for others to follow… And We Listened: The AquaCure Model AC50 has additional features our customers were asking for… Like easy and accurate user-adjustable gas volume and an hour meter. We added a Tower Cap which makes the AquaCure simpler to use and even more reliable.

The AquaCure is a practical, reliable and SAFE HydrOxy electrolyzer (generator) that is designed to give you decades of trouble free service.  We have a 1 year satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

History And Why We Jumped On This Technology

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) has become a hot topic in research over the last several years (over 1200 scientific studies). Once thought of as an inert gas with little biological or therapeutic value, H2 has now shown therapeutic benefit for over 270 physical conditions. One of the most interesting points about H2 is that “Main-Stream Medicine” cannot seem to find anything negative to say about it.

While traditional medicine chants their typical, “Much more research is needed”, integrative practitioners are already using H2 and their patients are experiencing its many benefits. And why not? There are no known negative effects of H2 and no known levels of toxicity. H2 is the smallest and most abundant molecule known of in the universe. Comprising 62% of our body volume, it is our most important nutrient. And, being the smallest molecule in the Universe, it will easily past into every cell.

Last year we began looking into molecular hydrogen water and H2 gas inhalation. We learned some very interesting things. The latest research indicates that most of the health benefits derived from alkaline water is likely due to the fact that when you produce alkaline water with an ionizer, you are also increasing the level of H2. It is now scientifically understood that it is the H2 that is actually providing the benefits being reported by those drinking alkaline water. Alkaline water that does not contain H2 has little therapeutic benefit over pure distilled water. So, we began using both H2 gas and H2 water.

H2 Revisited

Once in a great while, a number of facts and concepts all seem to come together and the result is one of those AHA moments! Since I hate long- windedness and beating around the bush, let me present the bottom line.

In late 2019, we revisited our research into H2. In the process, we saw that we had completely overlooked or missed the details of a similar, yet very different “twist” to H2. A researcher named George Wiseman had spent years researching Brown’s Gas (BG) for the purpose of augmenting gas mileage in automobile engines. BG is also used as the fuel for special burning and welding torches. Brown’s Gas is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.

Most H2 research in the area of health has focused on carefully separating the H2 from all the other gases to provide a very pure H2 gas. George, on the other hand, was not in the health business so he was not focused on keeping the gases separate; however, some of his clients heard about the health benefits of H2 water and began bubbling the gases produced by George’s generator through water and then drinking the water. They began reporting that they were receiving a wide range of health benefits. After several years, they convinced George to begin the same practice and he also experienced health benefits. Then, much to George’s horror, people began asking if he thought they could breath the BG. Hydrogen is explosive at concentrations above 4%. However, if mixed with enough air, this problem is eliminated.

George then designed a generator, specifically to use for health application, with multiple safety features and people began breathing this BG. The benefits reported began to increase even more. And this is where the “fun” began.

BG = H2 + Oxygen + “Electrically Expanded Water”

In 1986 George discovered that his BG generators were producing “too much gas” according to Faraday’s Law. In 1996, he finally discovered why.

Through the BG electrolysis process, there appears to be a unique form of water that is created. This negatively charged cold plasma form of water (the REAL fourth phase of water) is water that has ‘absorbed’ extra electrons like a sponge soaks up water and becomes a gaseous form of water. George named this plasma form of water “Electrically Expanded Water” or (ExW). Germany Water Conference 2019: George’s presentation

Here is where many other concepts that we have learned related to healing come into the picture.

Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, Ophthalmologist and author of the book, Healing Is Voltage, has paradigm shifting theories about healing and the role played by negatively charged electrons. Dr. Tennant is always asking the question, Is this food or substance an “electron donator” or an electron stealer”? Healing occurs when electrons are given to the body.

Free radical damage occurs when molecules lacking electrons, steal electrons from healthy cells causing cellular damage.

Why is Earthing/Grounding so healthy? Because the earth is an unlimited source of negatively charged electrons, which we access by physically connecting to the earth.

Why is juicing so beneficial? Because fresh juices are loaded with “electrically expanded water”–water dense with electrons.

Why do cultures living in dry, barren lands seek desert plants and roots for their water? These plants are full of this form of electron dense water.

There is a fascinating video where Dr Mercola is interviewing Dr Zack Bush. The topic is Hydration and how it is a vital, if not the most important indicator of health. It is the electrical potential in our bodies and cells which determine true hydration.

You see, our bodies are electrical organisms. The importance of electrons can not be overstated!

SO, why do we believe that the generator designed by George Wiseman has so many healing benefits? Because it produces not only H2 and oxygen but, also an abundance of electron dense, electrically expanded water that hydrates the body most efficiently.

These gases may be inhaled, bubbled through drinking water AND applied directly through the skin. You can even imprint the water with specific frequencies! Numerous applicators may be used with this generator: spot applicators, a cannula for breathing, goggles for applying to the eyes, leg and arm bags for treating the limbs….

Since the human body is 60-70% water, H2 is an essential nutrient. And, since cellular communication depends on well hydrated cells, health and life itself depend on hydration. The AquaCure AC50 is an amazing tool that provides the body with all of these fundamental elements for natural health and healing.

Items Included:

  • AC50 Generator: 18″x 16″x 14″
  • Assembly/Operation Manual
  • 2 Carrying Handles
  • Power cable: 5′ 110-125 VAC 60 Hz (North American standard)
  • Humidifier/Bracket
  • NaOH (Lye)
  • Rubber Gloves
  • 1 Liter Bubbler
  • 2 Water Infuser/Ionizer Bubbler Stones
  • Goggles
  • Spot Applicator
  • Extra Hosing
  • All fittings and hardware for assembly

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 in