Eagle Multi-Ray



NASA Study finding:  One of the key benefits or mechanism of action caused by photon/light therapies is that is initiates a cascade of events in the cell resulting in the increase of ATP production. This is another way of saying, “energy production” and thus better overall cell function.

The new Eagle Multi-Ray is an expansion of our LED technology. Although light therapies have been around a long time, it is beginning to gaining even more recognition among integrative practitioners. The use of different light spectrums in combination with specific frequencies has many therapeutic benefits.

The new Eagle Multi-Ray looks like our current Twin Ray LED light probe; however, the Multi-Ray  has interchangeable heads of various wavelengths/colors. Each color spectrum has different properties that can aid the body in its effort to heal itself.

With the Eagle Research line of products, you can now combine these different modalities for added benefit. The Multi-Ray, like the Twin Ray, may be used with our Guardian 4 and  Remedy Maker to output homeopathic signals along with the light/photon therapy.  It may also be used with our Eagle MicroGen micro-current generator. The MicroGen allows you to  modulate the light at specific frequencies (hertz) to open up an even wider range of therapeutic possibilities.

Eagle Multi-Ray Includes:

  • Multi-Ray Probe
  • One 820nm Infrared LED Tip
  • One 660nm Red LED Tip
  • One 520nm Green LED Tip
  • One 405nm Blue LED Tip
  • Additional Tip options available from $10-$20

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 6 in