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We were recently introduced to L.E.D. (Laser Energetic Detox) by Dr. Lee Cowden, MD.

Dr. Cowden is a member and instructor at ACIM (Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine) which offers practitioners and lay people various courses through their academy. We encourage everyone to view Dr. Cowden’s videos where he explains some of the basic principles of his “L.E.D.” system.

For a complete understanding of this protocol,  ACIM courses may be taken online.

The basic theory of laser detoxification:

As the laser light passes through a homeopathic remedy, it picks up and carries the homeopathic signal on the laser light. The coherent laser light is converted into a coherent horizontal line as it passes through the remedy. This line is then scanned over the body. The remedy signal and the photon energy is taken into the body where the cells then initiate the release of the target toxin.

Dr. Cowden and other practitioners have found that L.E.D., in most cases, is not only a faster but a gentler protocol for detoxification.

This package provides the average person with the tools to experiment with Laser Detoxing. It is NOT a medical program for diagnosing, preventing or curing any disease.

If you are a practitioner and have our Eagle Remedy Maker, you will be able to make your own “homaccord” remedies to use with this detoxification system. A homaccord is a combination of several different potencies within one remedy.

Laser Detox Kit

This laser kit contains the following items:

  1. Green Laser: 5mW, 532nm
  2. Two AAA batteries
  3. Four clear Type A vials with imprinting solution
  4. Clear vinyl Vial Holder

NOTE: Since the laser uses up batteries rather quickly, you may wish to purchase a rechargeable battery kit. We are looking for a good source.  Until we have such a kit, you can find them on line.


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