Somnion Sleep Patch


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Deep Sleep Patch

  • Increase: deep & REM sleep

  • Wake Up: refreshed & energized

  • 100%: Chemical & Drug Free

  • Patented: Biofield photon technology

  • Box contains: 31 Somnion Patches

How Does Somnion Work?

Each patch is charged electromagnetically and when applied, subtle energy in the form of photons is released which filters down to positively affect the physical body, thus increasing deep and REM sleep.


1. Clean the temple area of any oil, creams or make-up.

2. Peel backing off of one sleep patch.

3. Press patch onto the temple area between the side of the eye and the hairline.

4. Rub the patch around the edges to warm them. This increases the adhesion.

5. Remove patch in the morning.

User Feedback

A client with sleep problems reported sleeping for 9 hours the first night of using the Somnion patch.

A vet called the clinic after his first night of using the sleep patch. He reported that he had not slept that well since Vietnam.

Dreams are usually associated with REM sleep. Several clients have reported that they began to dream much more when they started using the sleep patch.

A patient reported that she usually only sleeps a few hours a night. She slept for about 7 hours the first night using the Somnion sleep patch.

The clinic we work with was so impressed with the results of the Somnion Sleep Patch that they conducted a “Sleep Study” with about 15 patients. All but 4 patients noticed significant improvement in their sleep. Some found that using a patch on both temples for the first few days gave them the best results.

A patient with serious sleep problems was otherwise very healthy. The practitioners had just received their Somnion patches and suggested that the patient try them for a few days. They received a call the next morning and the patient reported being amazed at how well she slept that evening.

A client who seldom slept well tried the patches at the suggestion of his daughter. He reported sleeping 9 hours the first night.

We are still in the first few months of introducing these patches to our clients. We will keep you posted on the results over time.



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