Service and Repair

Eagle Research’s products are shipped to you with a 90 day warranty. If anything goes wrong with the product during that period, simply return it and Eagle will repair it free of charge. You may return the unit within 30 days for any reason, and we shall refund your money, minus a restocking fee. For all Guardians, Remedy Makers, and Spectra Cold Lasers returned to Eagle Research within 30 days of purchase, a $45.00 re-stocking fee will be charged. For all other items and accessories returned within 30 days of purchase, a 15% restocking fee will be charged.

If your product should need repair or if something “just does not seem right” please Contact Eagle Research. We may be able to help you solve the problem over the phone or give you an idea of what may be wrong and where to mail it.

Newer Models

Remedy Maker

Newer model Guardians and Remedy Makers (with touch pad buttons) as well as the Spectra lasers, need to be mailed to our manufacturing company in Michigan:

Compunetics Inc.
2500 Rochester Ct. Troy, Michigan 48083
248 524-6376

For repairs on the new Guardians and Remedy Makers, turn around time is usually one or two days.

Older Models

Earlier models will need to be mailed to the South Carolina address for repairs. Since we no longer manufacture the units “in house”, we have a part-time technician who has been with us for years. For this reason, if you let us know the day you are shipping the unit to us, we will be able to better schedule the repairs with our technician.

Any Guardians or Remedy Makers which have surface mounted buttons (Red and Green) should be mailed to this South Carolina address:

Eagle Research, LLC
Simpsonville, South Carolina 29681
864 228-2121

Mailing Instructions:

Be sure to attach your name and contact information to each part you are mailing. This helps to prevent losing track of your unit or mixing it up with similar units being repaired.

Please include the power cord/converter with the Guardian or Remedy Maker. The problem may be in the cord.

Be sure to carefully package your unit to avoid being damaged in shipping. UPS standards say the package should be able to withstand a drop from 3 ft without the contents being damaged. Oooch! A little newspaper will not do the job.

Guardian Upgrade

In 2011 we added the CONTINUOUS function to all Guardians. If you have the new touch pad model Guardian which does not have a CONTINUOUS button, you may have it upgraded for $50.00 by mailing it to Compunetics Inc. Please include a note indicating your request for an upgrade.

Wave Master

We have discontinued our Wave Master frequency generator and have become a dealer of the BeamRay unit. We believe the BeamRay is the best in Rife technology today.

Wave Masters needing repair should be shipped to the South Carolina address as well.


If you have a patch cord that has come apart you can mail it to the South Carolina address for repair. We will just charge shipping and handling for the repair.