Bruce and Joy Taylor

President and C.E.O.

staff-bruce-joyEagle Research was founded in 2001 by Bruce and Joy Taylor after more than fifty years experience in manufacturing and marketing. They have worked together in electrical, plumbing, electronics, oil well drilling, and the aviation industry, but Eagle Research has been different in many ways.

Although the basic technology of homeopathy is more than two hundred and fifty years old the Taylors saw the need and opportunity to bring this technology up to twenty-first century levels. Also to develop electronic instrumentation that could blend cutting-edge electronics with the fascinating effectiveness of homeopathy for the betterment of millions of people throughout the world.

With sales growing in many countries they see an endless number of applications in the future for the technology Eagle Research has been blessed to develop. The Taylors truly believe that the Lord has led them into this business activity and that He has blessed Eagle Research to bring some very interesting, profoundly effective, and cost-efficient instruments to the market. With an endless number of opportunities and new applications waiting for this technology to be further developed, they feel that Eagle Research’s future can be very interesting and helpful to many people, the Lord Willing.

In an effort to improve quality and production speed, Eagle Research, LLC contracted with an engineering and manufacturing company located in Michigan. Since 2006 we no long manufacture our products in-house.

2012 Update

Unfortunately, Bruce Taylor, his son Dan, and Alan Stang all passed away within 11 months of each other. It was all very unexpected.  Bruce’s son, David, took over the management of Eagle Research in December of 2009 and with the help of our Distributors, we have seen a steady increase in business. We are very positive as we look to the future.