Super Boosting

As with any new technology and piece of electronic equipment there is a learning curve that we all have to consider.

As more and more instruments get out into the hands of more and more individuals they begin to take this technology from one stage to another higher level and today we want to brief you on something that is now becoming known as “Super Boosting” of the Guardian. However, please note: Eagle Research nor the author is telling you that you should do this; we are simply going to explain what others are reporting to us and the results they are having.

The normal procedure has been to do the two step process ending up with the Vial on the right charged to a Trillion X. It is this Vial that you put into your pocket. The term Super Boosting is now being used to indicate how you can greatly amplify the Vial that is on the right to much higher amplification by use of the following procedure:

  1. Leaving the Vials where they are, one on the left and the other on the right, you then take the one on the right Out Plate and move it to the left Input Plate. You then take the Vial on the left and place it on the right Out Plate (you therefore have switched the two Vials). Now you push the Red Button again. You have taken the Vial that was on the right which was at a Trillion X and amplified it by another million times.
  2. Now you switch them again and push the Red Button again. You continue doing this switching for possibly five times. Those doing this say it is probably not good to switch them too many times until your body gets acclimated to these higher powers. We are aware of others switching of the Vials up to twenty times with dramatic positive results. First, step up the power by starting out at five times, then going to ten times, and then fifteen times seems to be the normal procedure. If your system begins to detox too quickly, indicated by a headache or a tired feeling then you should back off as you are beginning to detox too quickly. Everyone seems to be different so this is something you will have to experiment with.
  3. Once you have reached the number of times you want to switch the Vials you then simply plug the disk cord into the Output Jack on the front of the Guardian. You hold the disk wherever you wish depending on what your problem is and push the Red Button one or more times. Some say just once and wait to see if your body seems to be taking this amplified signal well, if so, then push it several times, again waiting to see how your system reacts to this stronger signal.

It was by Super Boosting that the horse, Cindy, in Oregon, the puppy, Sammy, in South Carolina, and others have had dramatic results using the Eagle Guardian. Again, this is not the normal protocol for using the Guardian but another way which several people have used with good results. If you have any other questions regarding this procedure please call us here at Eagle Research and we will put you in touch with a Doctor who has had experience with this Super Boosting Technique.

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