Fibrocystem Breast condition in Right Breast

A woman who has a cyst in her right breast the size of a walnut suffers from pain that keeps her from sleeping at night. After one use of the Guardian, she is able to sleep a full night without painkillers.

This is truly remarkable… If I was not aware of vibrational medicine, I would say that this is not for real.

My wife has a Fibrocystic Breast condition for over a number of years. Her condition changes from time to time, sometimes better, sometimes worse. About two or three months ago, it started to get so bad that she was not able to sleep during the night without a painkiller due to the pain. Every morning, the pain was intense and made it hard for her to move and was even painful for her to lift her right arm.

There is a hard cyst in her right breast, which, at the moment, is the size of a walnut. This started out small and gradually grew larger. We tried a high quality progesterone oil with some other supplements like evening primrose oil, kelp, flax seed oil, and mustard seeds. Her condition was getting worse despite this regime. She has a good diet, she doesn’t smoke, she doesn’t drink alcohol, and we live in a very clean environment.

Yesterday, we did a short Guardian session and she had a good night sleep without taking any painkiller. I noticed that she was turning freely during the night and she did not get up once during the night, which is a regular event for her and her breast is much softer as well.

It’s too early to jump to conclusions on the long-term effects, however, the result is very encouraging.

PK, Sydney, Australia

Remedy Maker Corrects Imbalance in Throat

S.P. used the remedy maker to correct an imbalance that was developing in her throat.

Thank you for having me spit in a cup when you heard me coughing and sounding like I was losing my voice. That homeopathic remedy you made me was almost like a miracle. I took three drops every 15 minutes, and by the second dose I was already feeling better and the urge to cough was gone. By the afternoon it was like I had not had a cough at all and I was feeling the best I had felt in the last five or six days. It was the most amazing “not-medicine” I have ever experienced. I am sold on Homeopathic devices, and so is my husband from having seen my amazing recovery.

Thank you very much.

S.P. Springfield, Missouri

Going to buy another Guardian, What a wonderful product

I’m going to buy another Guardian so I don’t have to lend mine out again. What a wonderful product.

I’m 56 years old and about 5 months ago my left arm started hurting 24/7 because I sleep on my side constantly. My index finger and middle were tingling so I thought I had some nerve damage. I had known about the Guardian for a few months before this because I listen to Alan Stang. I now knew it was time to buy one. 3 months ago I received the Guardian and started right in. After 3 days my pain was about 90% gone. The second week the pain came back so I was now at 70% pain free. The third week it went back to 90% pain free at which time I knew the Guardian was going to work on me. I almost forgot to mention – after I loaned the Guardian to my sister my arm continued to heal and I’m now 100% pain free.

I then lent it to my 66 year old sister. I wanted her to use it because she was looking and walking older than her 66 years. A mostly bent over walk. When she spoke it was like she was muddled headed or just talked too fast with choppy sentences. And she had a lump in her breast, probably a cyst. After 2 months on the Guardian she walked better, talked better and the cyst was gone. And she only did the Guardian once a day.

My 46 year old nephew had a shoulder that had been bothering him for 3 years, 24/7. He used the Guardian the first day at my sisters and the pain went away. It hasn’t come back. I just got the Guardian back and started my 2 or 3 month session I have planned. And from the results I’ve seen between the three of us I’m going to buy another Guardian so I don’t have to lend mine out again. What a wonderful product.


The Guardian Consistently Cures Fever

The Guardian has consistently broken a regular fever in less than a half hour.

I just wanted to add that the Guardian got my daughter over Scarlett Fever in two days (neighbor children ran fevers for 9 days) and numerous other colds fevers. It has consistently broken a regular fever in less than a half hour.

My son used it to get rid of a sore throat that had been plaguing him. We forgot to try it for two days and then it was gone after “zapping” him the second time!

My daughter got a nasty spider bite that became infected and two applications of the Guardian produced massive improvement and avoided a doctor trip.

My son has eczema on his legs and when I make a remedy from his lesions (and he remembers to spray it on each day) the problem is eliminated, but it must be consistently applied or it comes back. We believe he has an allergy to something in the local grass that flares it up. The problem stays at bay as long as we remind him to use his spray.


The Remedy Maker and Twin Ray Help with Prostate Abnormality

For five months I suffered with a pain in my lower left quarter. Doctors testing continued with a Colonoscopy and a Bladder Scope which showed a prostrate enlargement and discoloration. No help up to this point.

I started to use the Twin Ray Laser of the Remedy Maker two times a day on the lower quarter of my body and soon, after two days, the pain was subsiding. After two weeks the prostrate pain has completely gone with normal urine control. Constipation has subsided and expulsion is back to normal.

I continue to use the Remedy Maker once a week to maintain good prostrate health. No pains have returned.

On my facial skin I have experienced sun damage, but using the Remedy Maker that damage has cleared up.

Thank heaven for the Remedy Maker.


Kidney Failure to Normal: Beam Ray and Homeopathy

A client of an energetic practitioner had a daughter crippled from a polio vaccine many years ago. Her daughter’s symptoms were all removed by the practitioner using homeopathy and specific frequency technology. Some 15-20 years later the mother was fighting for her own life due to a MRSA infection which developed after a surgery.

After about 18 months of antibiotics she was only getting worse and the next step was dialysis. Her kidneys were about to shut down. Since the practitioner who had helped her daughter was no longer practicing in the same town, it took her a while to relocate him. By the time she made it to the clinic, she could only speak in short sentences and was in very poor condition.

In three weeks, her viral load was way down and her energy was back. In just 4 weeks her kidney function was normal. A variety of homeopathic remedies were used as well as the Beam Ray and MicroGen. KS, North Carolina

KS North Carolina

AlphaSonic brings hope after years of damage from Lyme

May  2016

“Thank you David and Susan for taking the time to help me today. Just got off the phone with my husband and we are desperate for help. As requested by Susan, I am sending you both symptoms and selections form the protocol index list found on Eagle Research website. We have tried so many things to help him find relief, but results never last.


“Lyme’s Disease in 2006 and 2010 – destroyed muscle tissue which has been built back, but his left hand is crippled and he cannot use it….His right hand cramps up at times, but mostly right hand shakes uncontrollably at times.

Severe face rash/sores looks like burns under left eye, nose, and spreading to right eye. After he got Lyme Disease, doctor did a biopsy on his face for skin cancer, it was treated, but scrape never healed and it spread. He refused to go back for more treatment. Nurse told him he would lose sight of his left eye and now his left eye is sealed shut and he cannot see. He has no peripheral vision or depth perception in the right eye – very recent. He is in intense pain most of the time but when he lies down, there is no pain/pressure. Certain foods cooking irritates his eye and face intensely – mostly anything that is frying in a restaurant, etc. Sunlight burns his face immensely – he says it feels like a hot iron on his skin.

Just an update on my husband since receiving our AlphaSonic on Friday afternoon:

1st session (Friday, 5/6)-Susan’s 100,000 Mile Overhaul…..pain was at 10 out of 10. We also did the Pain – General protocol. It was relaxing, nothing seemed to happen (but we know better).

2nd & 3rd sessions (Saturday 5/7) – we did the 100,000 Mile Overhaul just to be sure I had it down ;), then Skin Issues protocol first – later Lyme protocol. Both sessions he started jerking his hands and itching his face. I told him to keep still so I could do the scanning – he couldn’t! his face was itching terribly but we got through the sessions.

4th session (Sunday, 5/8) – we did the protocols for Pain – General as well as Pain – Cancer. He had intense itching all over his body and nearly drove himself and me crazy with his itching while I tried to scan him! Afterwards he was dizzy so we made sure he had a large glass of water with bio salts immediately. When asked what his pain level was he said 5 out of 10. Then he remembered he hadn’t noticed the pain all day.

5th session (Monday 5/9) – when he got home from work he said he had no pain all day when outside in sun and wind. A first. He said a strange feeling happened throughout the day – his left eye sealed shut about 8 months ago felt like it was trying to open. (Hering’s Law of Cure – most recent will heal first and it is the most recent thing that happened to him.) He asked PLEASE can we do that thing again….I did the Eyes protocol after testing it was what his body wanted. There was absolutely no itching this time but he was extremely dizzy when trying to sit up after his session. Again, large glass water with bio salts and soon he was doing well. No PAIN !!! Also the top of his head where he has had a half-dollar size sore for the past 2 years that refused to heal appears to be reduced in size and is deflated (it looked like a mushroom cap – awful for him) – he wears a hat all the time.

We are so excited at this quick response and he is hopeful for the first time in such a long time.

Hope I haven’t gone on too much. Thank you for introducing us to the AlphaSonic….we’ll keep on going for 100% reversal.

We all have been so blessed to have some wonderful products, haven’t we? I do believe the Remedy Maker with all the vials and the Alpha Sonic support us in our quest for better health and wellness. My wish is for more people to be able to benefit from what we have been blessed with.”

An update June 10th: “Things are going very well with the Alpha Sonic work both for my husband and many of my clients. My husband is getting a variety of results, yet his face is still not responding much. I do think it’s simply going to take time for his body to let go; meanwhile his pain (10+) is gone, he can turn his neck without any effort (before he had to turn his entire body to see while driving), his vision is getting better in his good eye, his left eye that has been completely sealed shut is trying mightily to re- open on its own ;), his right hand does not shake or tremble as much and his handwriting has improved dramatically, he says he just feels so much stronger – like he did 30-40 years ago! So I’d say those are pretty good results for starters! Keeping him hydrated is a bit of a challenge, but he’s doing his best.”  Kathy, ND from New England