The Mind/Body Connection


Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Carols Rubbia said, “Matter is less than a billionth part of manifest in the Universe. The rest is energy fields interacting in space according to the law of intelligence, resonance phenomena and creating information fields.”

“If this is true, then 1% of what we perceive by our 5 senses is physical matter and this is where diagnosis and treatment currently reside under the Newtonian model. The remaining 99% is un-perceivable matter called energy; therefore, there could exist 99% of dysfunction overlooked in our current system.” Dr Carla Yamashiro

Simply stated, modern medicine virtually ignores about 99% of the factors that could be influencing our health and wellbeing! Overshadowed by the influence of Big Pharma, Western Medicine continues to live in the old, Newtonian world and often exacerbates  the toxic condition of their patients by prescribing an increasing number of toxic chemicals.

In contrast, the latest research is proving the fact that energies, beliefs, perceptions and emotions greatly influence and control our genes and physiology. The false Darwinian dogma that, chance and genes control everything, is being proven wrong in the laboratory, time and time again.

We do not necessarily endorse all of the following information but simply offer it for your consideration and understanding of how energy influences everything.


The Conscious Mind vs The Unconscious Mind: A Major Key!

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