Why Energetic Medicine?

It has been said that “Energy Medicine” is the medicine of the future. And rightly so. More and more people are recognizing the dangers of a drug based approach to not only fighting disease, but also for achieving optimum health. The facts speak for themselves! There is a serious problem when drugs and medical procedures are ranked as the 4th leading cause of death in the USA each year—year after year. As my brother Dan, an airline pilot used to say, “How many people would fly on my airline if they were told that every year 250,000 people die as a result of choosing our airlines?”

We did not make up that statistic. It is a documented fact.

Think about it. In the 10 years of our involvement in Vietnam, we only lost an average of 5,000 American lives per year. Yet, five times this number of lives are lost each year, not by an enemy’s intent, but by those who are trying to improve health. Something is terribly wrong!

This is not to say that drugs and surgery have no place. Some aspects of modern medicine are amazing! Emergency and trauma medicine save thousands of lives that would otherwise be lost. However, when it comes to the treatment of disease, chronic illness and preventative practices, modern medicine has not only failed but has grossly violated its hippocratic oath which is commonly quoted as–“First do no harm.” Yet, in spite of these horrible statistics, most people continue down the road of modern medicine, believing they have the best care available.

How could this happen? I would suggest the following reasons for your consideration.

Reason one: Undisciplined human nature wants to believe in the “pop a pill for every ill” solution to health issues. Why not? If true, why spend the time worrying about diet and others factors. If you can live any life style and just take a pill to make the consequences of that choice go away, why deny yourself?

Reason two: If this is what lazy human nature wants to believe, there are those who are more than willing to offer them such “simple solutions.” Add to this the vast profits to be made in the modern health care industry and you have the dilemma we are witnessing today. Actually, a more accurate term would be “Disease Management” system. It has little to do with real health.

But, the above two reasons are not enough to explain the popularity of modern medicine when considering its gross failure to improve the health of those under its care. There is a dark side to modern medicine that most people are unwilling to face–the fact that there are people who are only concerned about profit, and control, even at the expense of human health and life. Those who not only pander to human weaknesses, but who are willing to promote lies and even attack those who would seek to reveal the facts. The Pharmaceutical Industry has great influence over medical education. Control what is taught, and you control what is practiced.

One revealing, and easy way to know that this is true is to watch the attacks made on those who just simply and sincerely question the safety of modern medicine and things like vaccines. Think Dr Andrew Wakefield and the MMR vaccine.

With the public’s help, the tide may be turning. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has been caught in one of the biggest frauds and cover-ups in modern medical history! One of the lead scientists in a study of the MMR/Autism connection is now a “Whistle Blower” and has turned over 10,000 study documents to Congressman Bill Posey of Florida. All members of the study were instructed to destroy their documents but Dr Thomson saved his!

Truth does not need to hide anything and is always open to dialogue. Since the main stream media does a good enough job of promoting traditional medicine, we will simply present the information they very seldom mention. Please take some time to view the videos and look at the various links and documents we have compiled. If you have any information that you feel is worthy of posting, please let us know. Here is an important video which points out some of the problems:

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